What’s in My Head…

The ears are separate. The come in rigged and unrigged versions. And there is a Jennifer Bento Mesh Ears HUD. The HUD moves the ears angle-wise. Either close to the head (#1), normal, farther out and farthest out (#40, which is sort of Dumbo ears. The tips change a little. They stay human. No Vulcan or fairy ears.

GA.EG Jennifer Ears HUD

ACI is not bad. The entire outfit I have on registers as 46,111. When I remove the head, ears, and teeth that drops to 38,023. So, the head is only adding 8,088. I don’t have mesh eyes, but that is a separate thing.

Scripts are always an issue. With head and HUD’s I have 67 scripts weighing 4192K. Jennifer add-ons seem to add 64k per addon. When I detach the Smart HUD, used when dressing, and keep just the facial AO and my other standard gotta-have-stuff, I drop to scripts: 49 and Total Memory: 3040k.

The facial AO adds 3 scripts and uses 192k. The Head’s Jennifer Smart HUD adds 12 scripts and 768k. The Smart HUD is only needed when you are changing appearance. The facial AO you need most of the time.

The head, ears, and teeth add 3 scripts and use 195k of memory. Actually, pretty lite. My Slink body HUD adds 5 scripts and 320k. So, the Jennifer head and AO combine for 387K and 6 scripts.

Adding add-ons is easy. It is intuitive enough I didn’t have to read any directions. They add into either the Smart HUD or AO HUD. Then once added you don’t have to deal with the separate HUD’s. I keep them for that time when I have figured out how to break the head and/or HUD’s. :/ There are days I do stupid really well…

Along that line… Once I got all the HUD’s setup and working, I made a copy of them. Insurance. I did the same with the head. I cleared all the layers and made a basic nude face. Then made a copy of that. Hopefully, I’m goof-proof.


Making outfits that work is always a bit of a challenge. The links make it easier and more complex. With body, feet, and hands it isn’t too bad. I use the same set in most of my outfits and just link to them. I change nail color and alpha layers for each outfit using the respective HUD’s. Easy. Just make the nail and Slink HUD’s part of the outfit. Put on the outfit and the HUD’s appear, use them to make changes, detach them.

Then I ran into a Graves’ latex outfit I wanted for playing in Remnants of Earth. Getting it setup to work with Slink, I had to put certain things on certain layers. Not all intuitive. Figuring out which part goes on what layer was a PITA. Not a process I wanted to repeat each time I wore the outfit. Plus, I’ll never memorize what goes where.

So, I had to copy the body, feet, and hands for the outfit. This is something I usually only do for fat pack dresses and shoes. But, it looks like I’ll be doing that too for the Jennifer head. In the images here, the makeup is based on the dress. There are a number of settings I changed to get the look. So, rather than make the changes each time, I’ll make a copy of the head and link to the copy from the outfit.

Then the complication comes in deciding where to keep the copy… With dresses, I keep the copies in the original dress’ folder. I suspect That will work for the head copies.

There are eight slots I can save a look into. It is a nice slot save process. It tells me what all it is saving as it does. Good feedback and it gets ALL the settings in the head. But, how do I remember which slot is for which outfit? Write it down and read it each time I dress? That sucks. Might be easier if I had a perfect memory.

In this HUD I can’t even tell which slots are in use. In the image, some are used and some aren’t. Can you see a difference?

So far this is my only gripe about the GA.EG head. I’m pretty happy with the look, ACI, script count-weight, and cost.

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4 thoughts on “What’s in My Head…

  1. I knew Munch for a long time and have several custom skins by her.
    She stopped making skins NOT because of copybots but because of a progressive physical disability that was making it difficult to impossible for her to do the work.
    We still have her vendors out in Brocade, although there is little interest any more.

    • I was more in the ‘knew of’ category and only heard Munch’s rants on copyboting and threats to stop making skins.

      Thanks for the information.

  2. One really great feature of GA.EG is the animation hud. I’m surprised you didn’t cover that in more detail considering how much better it is compared to all the other big brands.

    Also, one thing I find helpful is using ctrl+0 a couple of times when working closely with mesh heads. It eliminates most of the camera distortion. ctrl+9 resets to normal.

    • Thanks for saying… This is my ONLY mesh head. I wasn’t really into the animation controls as I went through the demos. So, I don’t know what a pain the others are.

      The Ctrl-0 is a good idea. I use 8, 9, 0 for other things… So duh me…

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