Cyan-Myst Related Fund Raiser

Cyanist Jason Calvert’s sister is going to have surgery on the 24th of February. She needs to raise oney to cover the costs. To help Cyan Worlds people have contributed a couple of historic items to the fund raiser.

One item is a puzzle bottle from the original marketing materials from the initial Myst release. The second item is an Uru Developer’s hat. Both are being auction together on eBay.

You can find the items here on eBay: Very rare Myst Puzzle in a Bottle and Uru Development Team Cap.

The auction closes in about five days, the 25th, depending on your time zone.

Myst was the all time best selling computer game until the release of the SIMS. This is a very rare chance for Myst fans and collectors to scoop up a piece of history and help someone.

Myst-Uru & Devokan

I came to Second Life as part of a group of Myst fans migrating when Myst Online: Uru Live closed, again. That was 2008. By 2009 some of us were attempting to unite Myst fans across numerous games and platforms. There was a lot of contention about playing Uru Live anywhere but on official Cyan Worlds servers. But, as there were no official Cyan servers, fans were building parts of Uru in various games.

Sunrise in the Devokan Regions

Sunrise in the Devokan Regions (2009+/-)

One of the efforts was titled Devokan. Dot and Paislee were the main movers and shakers of that effort. I got to play in Devokan and enjoyed the RP and beautiful regions.  Continue reading

Myst Game to be a TV Series

I came to Second Life from Myst Online: Uru Live (MO:UL), my first MMORPG. I still like the game but the community playing in the game remains so dysfunctional it keeps me out of the game except for rare occasions. There is almost no game master moderation within the current free online game, leads to complaints like we hear in SL.

The Great Zero Machine in Second Life - 2009

The Great Zero Machine from MO:UL in Second Life – 2009

Recently something happened to the MO:UL game’s data base. All player status was lost. Devoted fans have returned to replay the game to restore their game status and lock in their player names. Activity on the Myst forum has almost tripled.  Continue reading

Myst-Uru Update 2014

The Myst™ series of games peaked, I think, with the creation of Myst Online: Uru Live® (now free to play), an early MMORPG and contemporary with then startup Second Life™. Since peaking Myst is heard from less and less with almost no news coverage now. The core fans still love it and post 20 to 50 comments in the forum each day.

Myst: Uru Live - By ddb174

Myst: Uru Live – By ddb174

In-game play will see a few concurrent players but there are times with maybe 50 concurrent players. That may change soon. For years fans have wanted to build ages (game play areas like SL’s private regions) and add them to the main Uru Live play. At this year’s Mysterium, an annual fan get together, Cyan Worlds, Inc., the creators of Myst, announced they plan to add some fan ages to the main online version of the game and possibly some content from other episodes of the Myst series. Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2014-33


There is no server UG meeting today as the Lindens are having an internal meeting.  The Deploys thread and information from last week is that the main grid got the package previously running on all three RC channels last week (32), a maintenance package with a JSON fix roll-back.

RC Channels

None of the RC channels are rolling this week. That MAY mean no restarts for those regions.


The current main viewer is 3.7.13 – 292225. We might see that change this week. Continue reading

Second Life News Bits 2014-32


The Group Ban Viewer has been promoted to the main viewer: 3.7.13 (292225). The release notes are here. So, if you own a group and have problem people, you can ban them and they will not be able to get back in.

Otherwise there are no changes to the Linden Lab viewer line up.

Warbug @ Landing Field - 2014

Warbug @ Landing Field – 2014

Dolphin Viewer

A beta version of the Dolphin Viewer  is out, There is no new information on what is in this viewer. I assume this is just a bug fixed version of the July release.

See: Finally! The first public beta of the new Dolphin Viewer 3! Continue reading

realMyst Master Piece Updated

Myst was one of the games my family got in 1991. Its graphics were awesome for the time. It was the all time best selling computer game until the SIMS took that title. Parents thought it was great, mostly because there was no violence. Cyan Worlds, Inc. has just released an update of the game. They have re-rendered the world for our newer systems.

Warning: Bad Language

The video has visual artifacts not in the game. I suspect the compression used for YouTube created the artifacts and blur.

Get the new game for US$12 at Humble Bundle. It is on Steam for $17.

The video does show the new graphics and cover some of the history of the game.

Myst-Uru 2014

This is one of my infrequent articles about something Myst-Uru Live related. The first part of these articles is for those that have no idea what Uru Live is and explains, hopefully, enough for the rest of the story to make sense. If you know Uru, skip down to the heading What’s Happening

 photo KIimage0577_zpsb940a043.jpg

A remodeled Watchers Pub

Image Note: Image by DoobesURU. If the image makes the game graphics look old, that is because they are basically era 2004. There was a time when Uru Live had far better rendering than Second Life. But, that era is past. Still the game is more immersive than the image would lead one to think. Continue reading