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Second Life™ has a valuable virtual real estate market. Yet, SL is not the only virtual world with real estate issues. ArcheAge is coming up on a new land rush and the problems of players losing existing land holdings.


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In SL we often hear ‘the rent is too damn high’ exclaimed. I’m one that disagrees and believes the free market gives people control of what they pay or receive and most equitably distributes land and sets prices.

See Archeage’s Server Merges Will Spark Another Land Rush explaining what is happening in Archage.

We are still waiting to hear how SANSAR aka SL 2.0 will handle land. All we have been told to date is; it will be different.

For all the info at Massively Overpowered on Second Life, click the link.


For my Myst friends… the word is MOULa works with Windows 10 and the NVIDIA Legacy PhysX driver.

Fake Data for Global Warming

US Government agencies are being caught lying so often they are losing credibility as fast as politicians. NOAA has adjusted HCN temperature data again. This time showing twice as much warming from 1998 to 2012. But, we know they are faking for two reasons.

The most telling is two sets of satellite data which contradicts their newest adjustment.

Next is their refusal to make the adjustment process public.

Quoting Michael Bastasch, “Both satellites and surface temperature readings, however, showed prolonged periods without statistically significant warming trends — 15 years for surface temperatures and more than 18 years for satellites.

Scientists have already pushed back against NOAA’s new study. The news site Mashable interviewed about a dozen climate scientists not involved in the study, and nearly all of them said “the study does not support the authors’ conclusion that the so-called warming pause never happened.”

See: Satellite Data Shows No Global Warming For Nearly 19 Years.

Environmental Journalism Has Become Ideological Warfare

When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong?


Linden Lab owned Desura for a time. It is a Steam like site for game developers.

Now the parent company of Desura is going bankrupt and that puts the future of Desura in jeopardy.

See: Desura Is Going Away, Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy & Desura parent company Bad Juju files for bankruptcy.

Second Life 12th Birthday

We will be celebrating Second Life’s 12th birthday from June 21 to 28.

Premium members are going to get early access to a new avatar. June 11 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM SLT. No one is saying what it is. You have to show up to find out what the birthday gift avatar is.

But, if you are a Premium member you can get the avatar from the avatar kiosk, which will be available until midnight SLT on June 12th.

You can get more information at SL12B.

You can find the regions set aside for the celebration in search using SL12B. Use the search term SL12B. They will come up on the map now. But, you cannot teleport in.



5 thoughts on “Second Life Bits

  1. Secondlife land IS really overpriced. as long linden labs don’t drop the price with a hugh amount. Free market is useless. land owners cannot sell land lower then linden lab ask for a sim. The result is that people just stop renting compleet in secondlife. Hopefully sansar is 90% cheaper or high fidelity ispulling everybody away from linden lab.

    • Why do you think the free market is useless in this case? Isn’t the market setting the price of Linden Land?

      • Yes your right. my mind where stuck in virtual plywood linden box. The question is only if a price drop will ever happen in secondlife. i wish it where cheaper.

  2. There is no \free market\ in SL land. The prices and terms are set by LL, take it or leave it. LL has no incentive to negotiate with willing buyers, so not actually a genuine free market.

    • Are you saying that as users of SL we have no choice whether we use SL or not?

      Are you saying they have no competition? What of OpenSim?

      What of other virtual worlds and games?

      Is there anything that forces a land owner to buy land in SL?

      Or may be I don’t understand what a free market is. What do you think a free market is?

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