Second Life Bits 2014-33


There is no server UG meeting today as the Lindens are having an internal meeting.  The Deploys thread and information from last week is that the main grid got the package previously running on all three RC channels last week (32), a maintenance package with a JSON fix roll-back.

RC Channels

None of the RC channels are rolling this week. That MAY mean no restarts for those regions.


The current main viewer is 3.7.13 – 292225. We might see that change this week.

RC Viewers

The only RC Viewer currently listed is the Refresh Viewer version This is the viewer with the new versions of the various libraries used in building the viewer. Monty Linden has been cleaning those up as part of his work to improve viewer-to-server communications. It is also a step toward a 64 bit viewer.

Project Viewers

 Experience Tools Viewer version – This viewer implements the Experience Tools features, which are still considered in Beta. So, there is not much advantage in running this viewer unless you want to play in the Cornfield.

 Oculus Rift Viewer version – This viewer is still the DK1 version, I think.

Common Sense

I found it interesting that MIT is studying common sense to create computers that better handle voice instructions. The hoped result will be better A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) systems for phones and other devices. See: Who’s Doing Common-Sense Reasoning And Why It Matters.

Considering the lack of common sense in the world today, I wonder where they are finding any to study…


My Myst-Uru friends probably know that fans met for the annual Mysterium get-together. The Guild of Messengers has a summary of the events at the meet up. See: All Guilds Meeting – August 2014.

The big news this year is the release of concept art never before released and word that we will have new content in Myst Uru Live late this year or early next year. It has been a slow process, but it may finally bear fruit.

London City

There are interesting places in Second Life™. London City is one.

Second Life Video

I came across a 2012 SL Documentary on YouTube. This is a reasonably balanced one in my view. A good one to give to those interested in knowing what SL is.

Lovers Lab

I suppose I should have anticipated this site (NSFW). It is about adult use of various games and virtual worlds, read that as sex in games. It is discussion and ‘how-to’s’.

I am a bit surprised there is no section for Second Life. Sex in most games is more lame than in SL.

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