Eve Online – What About Those Cinematic Moments?

This is the epic space war game. Fans make videos of gameplay there. A few are making cinematic class videos. This is one the writer at Massively Overpowered likes. I think it is pretty nice.

If you have watched the battle scenes from LIVE gameplay you are aware of the horrendous lag generated by weapons fire and multiple players. SL isn’t all THAT bad…

While the cinematic EVE films are somewhat a thing of the past they are popping up a bit more often, according to Massively Overpowered and their collection of all time bests. Continue reading

Star Citizen – Open Sandbox

Every so often I look around to see what is happening in the gaming world. This week STAR CITIZEN’S CHARACTER CUSTOMIZER is the subject of an article on Massively (3/23/2018) that caught my interest. They featured this video. While it is an interesting video of what is happening in the design room, we never get to see the character creator. 🙁

But, skipping through the video made me curious. I wanted to see what the game will look like… this video is the impressive one, IMO. The size of the world is amazing. But at time mark 19:00 you are finding the planet was just a small part of this virtual world that is truly a virtual universe.

It is pretty impressive. The size of the cities is surprising. What gets really amazing is the trip up to the space station (time marked link opens a browser). Then the jump to the next system and a trip down to the surface of another planet. For now, the universe in Star Citizen is limited. This is alpha.

By the 32:00 time mark they are down on the ground showing of the detail of the planet. Continue reading

Eve Online FREE

I had the question of whether I could use a cheap free-player ship and be a factor in the game play or was I just fresh meat for the long-time players?

In a recent major battle 17% of the ships free-players will be able to access were in the battle. With something like 60,000 world-wide players participating in the battle, that means over 10,000 ships in the battle could have been free-players.  Continue reading

A New Universe with Procedural Worlds

Massively has an article about a game named No Man’s Sky. In the article is a video by TheHappieCat explaining how the game’s makers created quintillions of worlds using fractals. The thing I find surprising is the worlds are never stored in a database. Yet when you come back to a world it is re-generated, but the same exact world is generated. TheHappieCat explains how she thinks it works.

The Massively Overpowered article Eve Evolved: No Man’s Sky vs Eve Online, by Brendan Drain explores what the differences between Eve and No Man’s may mean how Eve could be impacted. Continue reading

Obduction Coming in June


Quoting: Welcome to Obduction, Cyan’s highly anticipated spiritual successor to Myst. This teaser trailer finally pulls back the curtain for a sneak peek of what to expect. Obduction is scheduled for release in June 2016.

A couple of months and I’ll have a copy…

Black Desert Coming Sooner

I’ve seen and played a little with Black Desert’s character creation tool. I speculated about character creation in Project Sansar: What will Character Creation be like in Project Sansar? with a video of the character creation from Black Desert.

Massively Overpowered points me to the release date announcement for Black Desert. Word is: March 3rd, 2016 – a Thursday… Much sooner than most anticipated.


Learning to play…