Cyan-Myst Related Fund Raiser

Cyanist Jason Calvert’s sister is going to have surgery on the 24th of February. She needs to raise oney to cover the costs. To help Cyan Worlds people have contributed a couple of historic items to the fund raiser.

One item is a puzzle bottle from the original marketing materials from the initial Myst release. The second item is an Uru Developer’s hat. Both are being auction together on eBay.

You can find the items here on eBay: Very rare Myst Puzzle in a Bottle and Uru Development Team Cap.

The auction closes in about five days, the 25th, depending on your time zone.

Myst was the all time best selling computer game until the release of the SIMS. This is a very rare chance for Myst fans and collectors to scoop up a piece of history and help someone.

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