Myst-Uru & Devokan

I came to Second Life as part of a group of Myst fans migrating when Myst Online: Uru Live closed, again. That was 2008. By 2009 some of us were attempting to unite Myst fans across numerous games and platforms. There was a lot of contention about playing Uru Live anywhere but on official Cyan Worlds servers. But, as there were no official Cyan servers, fans were building parts of Uru in various games.

Sunrise in the Devokan Regions

Sunrise in the Devokan Regions (2009+/-)

One of the efforts was titled Devokan. Dot and Paislee were the main movers and shakers of that effort. I got to play in Devokan and enjoyed the RP and beautiful regions.  Continue reading

Myst-Uru News Wk20 2012

It has been some time since I wrote about Myst or Uru. These were the first virtual worlds in which I played. Myst Online: Uru Live was my first Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). When it closed in early 2008 I became one of the D’ni Refugees living in Second Life®.

Myst Inspired Devokan Tao

From time to time one hears of the Myst community in Second Life or OpenSim worlds and their affect on and contributions to these worlds. Hamlet at NWN wrote:  Myst & Uru Roleplay Regions Leave Second Life to Be Beautifully Reborn on OpenSim Grid. That is a bit of an overstatement. It is probably more accurate to say some regions closed and moved to other grids, but the people are still in SL. Now they are also playing in other grids too.

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Devokan Hot Spot Myst-Uru Style

Devokan Hot Spot

I’ve been busy with RL, moving, unpacking, getting what little work there is done, getting cable to my new home for a good Internet connection, writing proposals for the company I freelance for…

I have new articles planned for here. One that is most in my mind is about Devokan (SL Map). It recently made the SL Hot Spots (these scroll off so I can’t link). Fans from Myst Online, a closed MMO, are building and playing in Devokan (link requires SL account). There is a story to Devokan. One can read the story on the Guild of Maintainers site in Developments in Devokan (the guild is a fan group from Myst Online).

I have a story about the SL RPG Land of NoR and the RPG’s spinning off from it. I just have to figure out how write about the drama if that saga without it being boring.

I also have a review of Babylon 5 RPG in SL. I need to up date it and get it posted.

I just need more hours in the day… 🙂