Second Life News Bits 2014-32


The Group Ban Viewer has been promoted to the main viewer: 3.7.13 (292225). The release notes are here. So, if you own a group and have problem people, you can ban them and they will not be able to get back in.

Otherwise there are no changes to the Linden Lab viewer line up.

Warbug @ Landing Field - 2014

Warbug @ Landing Field – 2014

Dolphin Viewer

A beta version of the Dolphin Viewer  is out, There is no new information on what is in this viewer. I assume this is just a bug fixed version of the July release.

See: Finally! The first public beta of the new Dolphin Viewer 3!

Cool VL Viewer

Cool VL Viewer has been updated. Version: CoolVLViewer- (2014-08-02) Release Notes. This version is getting support for the Experience Tools. FMOD Ex was updated. Some bug fixes too.

CtrlAltStudio Viewer

This is David Rowe’s viewer made for the Oculus Rift. It seems he has received his Oculus DK2. Apparently it is not an easy change to support the DK2. David is working on it. See: DK2 Support in the Works for CtrlAltStudio Viewer.


There are no rolls to the main channel this week. The main channel will continue to run the update from lat week.

RC  Channels

All three RC channels will update on Wednesday. They are getting a maintenance package with various bug fixes.

Myst & Obduction

Mysterium 2014 has been happening up in Washington. The videos from the meet are up here: YouTube – Mysterium 2014.

If you are not a Myst game series fan, they people talking won’t make much sense.

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