Myst Game to be a TV Series

I came to Second Life from Myst Online: Uru Live (MO:UL), my first MMORPG. I still like the game but the community playing in the game remains so dysfunctional it keeps me out of the game except for rare occasions. There is almost no game master moderation within the current free online game, leads to complaints like we hear in SL.

The Great Zero Machine in Second Life - 2009

The Great Zero Machine from MO:UL in Second Life – 2009

Recently something happened to the MO:UL game’s data base. All player status was lost. Devoted fans have returned to replay the game to restore their game status and lock in their player names. Activity on the Myst forum has almost tripled. 

Looking through the happenings in the community (post thread) I came across this announcement: Cyan cuts deal with Legendary to create a TV series based on Myst. This is a story on GamesBeat. Cyan has Tweeted a confirmation. Other game review sites are picking up the story.

Cyan created the top selling game of the Twentieth Century. A sequel was the 4th best selling game in that period. According to GamesBeat both games remain in the top ten all time best selling games.

A group known as Legendary Television & Digital Media is going to produce TV series based in the game. The series, if it makes it to the screen, will no doubt revive interest in the games.

MO:UL is a free to play MMORPG. If you get stuck on a scrolling wall at the start of the game… press the ESC-key.

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