Bryn Oh: Hidden Scene

Bryn hides things in his art exhibits. See Obedience – part eight.

Byrn’s statement that in 2,000 BCE that most of the population could not read is accurate enough. But, it is a bit misleading because of Bryn’s reference to people of the day being less sophisticated than the people of today. Using a lack of reading skill to say there is a lack of sophistication is a non-sequituar.

such interesting textures as clouds go over the moon

such interesting textures as clouds go over the moon

Imagine. You need to run a business and a sheet of paper is yet to be invented. How do you keep track of things? How did you educate people? Record history, law, stories?  Continue reading

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Bryn Oh Machinima

Art… we all have our preferences. If you have ever looked at my Flickr Favorites you have an idea of the type of art I like. You’ll probably suspect Bryn Oh’s work isn’t something likely to appeal to me as it never looks like what I have as favorites on Flickr. But, I am fascinated by Bryn’s work. It always has an ability to pull me in. I always take time to look at it.

The video is a re-render of itself with some missing dialoged added. It seems Bryn’s cat deleted some of the dialog in the previous render. – – Hey… it’s his story and he is sticking to it. Cats are sneaky devious creatures.  Continue reading

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Mandelblub 3D and Second Life

I’m busy with holidays and work, so not much blogging. But, work-wise I came across an interesting program I needed to for making some unique original textures: MandelBlub 3D, a free 3D fractal generator. It is mentioned in the Advanced Photoshop magazine too.

Mandelblub 3D Generated Image

Mandelblub 3D Generated Image

The art I first came across shown on Deviant Art looked like the type of art I needed for a work project. So, off I went to find the software and generate those textures. It occurred to me that some of these could be awesome for use in Second Life, especially since it appears the Lab is never going to change the TOS to something acceptable to CG Textures and similar suppliers of stock textures. 

Getting the program is the easy part. It is pretty much a stand-alone program that does not need to be installed, just unzipped and run.  Continue reading

Prim Perfect on A Petrovsky Flux

OK so what’s a Petrovsky Flux? It is an in-world art build. That’s nice. The interesting part of this story is the awesome build may vanish from the Second Life world. Ziki’s blog is pointed to as she revisited Petrovsky  recently and what Prin Perfect has to say about it.

A Petrovsky Flux - 2014 April

A Petrovsky Flux – 2014 April

This is a fun place to explore…

It would not be impossible for a group of concerned residents to form a trust, perhaps each paying 5 dollars a month towards the cost of the sim. Or donating an article to be sold on Marketplace in support of the sim. Or organizing an event once a month that would raise money towards keeping the sim going.

Keeping sims like A Petrovsky Flux alive is NOT Linden Lab’s’ responsibility. It is ours.

That will likely upset some. But, I believe this is as real as it gets. Yeah, Prim Perfect.

See: Spencer Museum of Art. SLURL:  A Petrovsky Flux


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