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I have no doubt that ‘photography’ or whatever we call it will become more and more interesting and varied. The VR headsets we are seeing now are likely to be the first wildly commercially successful devices for 3D VR viewing. But, like the stereo-viewer of times past, these too will eventually be looked on as ‘quaint’. They are large and bulky. They are awkward to use. Manufacturers know this. Expect things to get smaller, faster, and easier. But, never think the VR headsets we see now are the final solution or what people will ultimately use.

3D 1960s style

3D 1960s style

The real answer is likely seen in Sci-Fi movies. The holographic images we see floating in mid air. The ones where people reach in and manipulate things that appear in front of them. Our current VR and Touch controls are only a step down that road. We’ll use them because that is all we have. But, down the road we will find the mix of augmented and virtual reality that fits the human body and allows us to interact with VR as intuitively as we do the shared reality.

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