Bryn Oh Machinima

Art… we all have our preferences. If you have ever looked at my Flickr Favorites you have an idea of the type of art I like. You’ll probably suspect Bryn Oh’s work isn’t something likely to appeal to me as it never looks like what I have as favorites on Flickr. But, I am fascinated by Bryn’s work. It always has an ability to pull me in. I always take time to look at it.

The video is a re-render of itself with some missing dialoged added. It seems Bryn’s cat deleted some of the dialog in the previous render. – – Hey… it’s his story and he is sticking to it. Cats are sneaky devious creatures. 

He is a bit distressed… or may be just annoyed is more accurate… that the previous render is still around. He is not alone in having a thing about wanting only the final version of his work released/seen. On a piece about pre-release copies of musicians’ works being ripped off from recording studios, Madonna and others talk about the same annoyance.

Bryn has copies of some of his work on Flickr. See Bryn Oh @ Flickr. The stills are no match for seeing the creations in Second Life. I find myself wondering what is next. I look forward to experiencing Bryn’s work with an Oculus Rift HMD.

I like art that is pretty, my definition of pretty, and art that evokes feelings… an emotional response… from humorous-funny to…  …whatever. I can’t say Bryn’s works fit my idea of pretty. I can say that I find Bryn’s work is emotionally stimulating… evocative… always.


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