Prim Perfect on A Petrovsky Flux

OK so what’s a Petrovsky Flux? It is an in-world art build. That’s nice. The interesting part of this story is the awesome build may vanish from the Second Life world. Ziki’s blog is pointed to as she revisited Petrovsky  recently and what Prin Perfect has to say about it.

A Petrovsky Flux - 2014 April

A Petrovsky Flux – 2014 April

This is a fun place to explore…

It would not be impossible for a group of concerned residents to form a trust, perhaps each paying 5 dollars a month towards the cost of the sim. Or donating an article to be sold on Marketplace in support of the sim. Or organizing an event once a month that would raise money towards keeping the sim going.

Keeping sims like A Petrovsky Flux alive is NOT Linden Lab’s’ responsibility. It is ours.

That will likely upset some. But, I believe this is as real as it gets. Yeah, Prim Perfect.

See: Spencer Museum of Art. SLURL:  A Petrovsky Flux


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