Second Life vs IMVU

As best I can tell people use either Second Life or IMVU. It may just be the circles I run in but, I never hear people saying they play in both. I suspect a few do. So, the Reddit threat on Second Life or IMVU? Caught my attention. For a rational discussion it would seem people would need to have experienced both.

There aren’t many people in the conversation so far. Those engaging so far have been in both. Yay!

Karma Lighthouse

The word for new people trying SL is to stay out of the Safe Hubs. I agree. If you have seen the video Hamlet pointed to in Reddit’s Griefer-Free /SecondLife Community you’ll probably agree it represents the mentality found in the Safe Hubs. Sadly pathetic.

The discussion about the video is getting pretty long. Hamlet labels it ‘special’. I suppose if one takes the video and discussion at face value it is pretty special. Otherwise it is a mash up of various people on about whatever is their thing.

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Second Life News w/3rd Party Dev Meeting 2019 w03 & 4

There is news. Everyone has been back to work long enough post-holiday for things to be getting completed. So, changes are in progress. I am behind, again. So, I’m just getting this converted from my notes to something readable.


We did get a Deploy post, appearing Tuesday afternoon.

The Rainforest Photo Contest, Entry # 2

The Rainforest Photo Contest, Entry # 2

The main channel updates to version # This version is listed as having logging collecting data to build a baseline performance measure. Also, more internal logging.

My empirical take is things have degraded. But, without some objective measure that is only an opinion. As I started flying a complex Shergood helicopter in July 2018 my perception of region reliability has likely changed. But, my observation of what happens when crossing region boundaries is more factual.

Using the Firestorm Viewer, I have the option to cross regions in two ways. The default is to cross using the basic viewer prediction of what should happen for a smoother appearing crossing. The other is sort of stop-action crossing. (Preferences->Move & View->Movement->Movement at region crossing: Predict or Stop)

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Second Life News 2019 w03


No Deploys post this week. Simon Linden tells us there will be an RC rollout. My main channel home region did not restart today, Tuesday.

The only change Simon mentions is more logging is added to the RC.

Can't stop the dawn

Can’t stop the dawn


The main/default viewer remains version Last updated 2018 week #50.

Second Life Bugsplat Viewer version – Last update was in week #47. 

Second Life EAM Viewer version – Last updated 2018 week #51.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – Last updated in week #50.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in 2018 week #10.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #50.

Second Life Project EEP Viewer version – Last updated in week #51.

Takes some time for things to start moving after the holidays. Plus, the flu is starting to hit. (Flu Map)

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GA.EG Jennifer 2.0 Orgasms Released

Gael Streeter has released a Jennifer 2.0 update… This Jennifer has better orgasms…

No, I’m joking. This is a head and HUDs update only. No new orgasms. That orgasm thing is just me hyping the story. But you will still want this update.

Lots of stuff changes. The head and parts and HUDs update. Lots of new stuff was added. One a major feature I haven’t seen in a mesh-head-HUD before.

GA.EG Smart HUD 2.0

There is also lots of confusion about what works with what and what has to update. I was asking in the GA.EG group and got some answers. I found out they weren’t strictly correct. So, I sent Gael a note asking:


I went to the in-world store and saw there is a Jennifer 2.0. I missed any announcement of the update.

The note card included with 2.0 seems to say only the HUD is updated. Is that correct?

Is there any place that describes the changes? (Not important – I’ll experiment)

Do I need to replace all instances of the previous version of the head? Or just the HUDs?

Can I use the 2.0 HUDs with the 1.0 head?

Thanks for any help…

Nalates Urriah

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Tiny Protest in Second Life

Well, it is the Tinies that are protesting… 

Seems a server update in November 2018 distorted how Avatar Hover works for Tiny avatars. (BUG-225893) They now float about a foot (0.3m) above the ground.

Tinies Protest the Continuing Second Life Hover Bug!

Tinies Protest the Continuing Second Life Hover Bug!

The Lindens have found the problem in the change to the Bake Service made in preparation for Bakes On Mesh. The fix is in QA and should roll out ‘soon’.

The Tinies pulled off a cute, humorous, and hopefully effective protest. You can read more here, Tinies Protest at Governor Linden’s Mansion. Whether or not the protest was needed… I doubt it. I suspect it bumped the priority for this fix.

Second Life: Android and iOS? What is the Lab thinking?

Seems many are excited about Brad & Oz Linden making comments about development of an app for iOS and probably Android. Inara has been writing about it at Modem World. And Hamlet picked up on that posting LINDEN LAB CONFIRMS.

Late 2018 – Firestorm-Steam VR

Hamlet adds a bit of speculation. But, Inara makes the most speculative guesses about what the Lab is doing. She is knowledgeable and her guesses are those of a person well informed on and experienced in the subjects of Second Life and Linden Lab. I think they are reasonable.

I’ll add an additional twist. Consider. The people using and requesting mobile apps for SL are existing users. The current mobile apps provide a means for existing SL users to manage business tasks while on the move.

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Eve Online – What About Those Cinematic Moments?

This is the epic space war game. Fans make videos of gameplay there. A few are making cinematic class videos. This is one the writer at Massively Overpowered likes. I think it is pretty nice.

If you have watched the battle scenes from LIVE gameplay you are aware of the horrendous lag generated by weapons fire and multiple players. SL isn’t all THAT bad…

While the cinematic EVE films are somewhat a thing of the past they are popping up a bit more often, according to Massively Overpowered and their collection of all time bests. Continue reading

Second Life News 2019 w02

We are back… The Lindens are back at it… Not much has happened. But soon…


There was no planned update to the main channel. But main channel regions were restarted, at least mine was. It is running version Second Life Server the same as it has for the last 3 weeks.



Blue Steel is to update to version # This version has additional logging for capturing various region performance criteria. I’ve been noticing a change in performance and region crossing behavior… degrading… I try to do some flying after the Tuesday restarts. Now it isn’t making much difference whether there has been a restart or not. Still lots of problems.

Le Tigre and Magnum will get an update to version # This version has changes to the voice service. Recent DDoS attacks on DNS servers have been causing problems for voice users. So, there may be some improvements to get around messed up DNS.

The Server-Scripting UG was talking about Animesh and Pathfinding. We will start to see more use of Pathfinding as NPCs (non-player character) become more popular. Since Pathfinding hasn’t been in heavy use it has been a low priority for the Lindens. So, there are some known problems and pending bug reports. Those becoming more of a problem now that animesh is out. Continue reading