SL Third-Party Dev Meeting 2018 w32

Not many attending last Friday… Some news mostly updates.

The Bugsplat RC Viewer should be identical to default viewer. The only difference is it uploads crash reports to the Bugsplat system. The Lindens are wrapping up their evaluation. There is no information pre-evaluation on where this is going. Oz Linden through it was going well. But, until the numbers and Linden-users’ evals are in no can know.



There is a Voice RC Viewer out and another in QA that uses a newer Vivox SDK. In the newer one voice crashes recover automatically.

Oz tells us there are 3 other viewer candidates likely to appear this week (#33).

The Animesh RC will get an update. Another Rendering changes version is coming. A new Maintenance version is in the wings waiting for a simulator change – the offline communication thing. The point here is to be more reliable in delivering messages at login, which were sent to you while you are offline.

Also, there are 3 Project viewers; the Estate Management Tools’ new features for the ban list, for which they are looking for feedback. There is the Snapshot Viewer which has no change, but they hope to get back to soon. For now, they are likely working on the Facebook problem with snapshots not uploading. The whole world seems to be on FB’s case. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-31 #3


There is a new viewer in the pipeline called the New Login Viewer. I don’t know much about it or when we will see it on the RC Viewer page. I think this viewer is still running A-B tests with new users. As existing users we probably will not see it until the A-B testing is done.

Tableau 2014 July - Hidden Location

Tableau 2014 July – Hidden Location

Word is the Zipper RC Viewer is having lots of problems on older hardware. Oz says they are not sure at this point if they will continue with this viewer. He recommended that third party developers not merge this code into their viewers. That is a pretty clear ‘stay away’ from this version warning.

There are new versions of the Oculus and Experience Tools viewers. Both are going well. There is no ETA on when improvements from the DK2 may be seen. But, there is work happening in that area. So, I am guessing the Lab has received their DK2 units.

Lots of data is coming back from Experience Tools. There are some problems, but Oz says nothing big. So, that is moving ahead. My guess is we will see more users invited to the Beta or even a public RC Viewer.

The Library Refresh RC Viewer will NOT support Mac 10.6. Once it makes it to being the main viewer, the Lab will stop supporting 10.6 and older Mac operating systems. Otherwise this is the viewer using the newly rebuilt libraries.

Windows 8.1 users have amazingly low crash rates. The Lab is encouraging users to update their operating system if they are  on older OS’s. Especially Win 8 users as the upgrade to 8.1 is free. Continue reading

Skin Design – The Windlight Age

Skin Design – The Windlight Age

Nomine SKin – Raw Viewer Picture

I recently got interested in skin design… well facial tattoos really, that sort of forces one to look at skin design. This article is about the basic concepts and where to find great information on skins. It is my basic research work and learning as I begin to explore skin design.

When it comes to understanding skin there is the Ruth skin, the default skin one has when they first come into SL. It is pretty bland. The Ruth skin makes one look very cartoony. There are enough free skins around that anyone that cares about AV appearance can upgrade. Just takes a little looking around. Some great free skins are older models made by top designers. So, you can look good for free. Check out Freebies Beach for a good free or cheap skin. For those that want an anatomically correct skin look around Zindra. Many of the dance clubs have good free skins for their dancers and new patrons.

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OMG! This is so great! I just stumbled across it. Someone was using it in the IBM Sandbox. This organizer was made by Liandra Ceawlin. It is free and you can get it at her place. She has a few scripts she is giving away for free. They are worth having.

Liandra Ceawlins Chessboard

Liandra Ceawlin's Chessboard

She also made a huge chessboard/game. You can play chess.

She offers custom programming for SL.

The ECR&D (Explorer’s Community Research & Development – a Myst-Uru fan thing). Is studying textures in SL. They have Monday meetings. Contact me for more information.