Matching Skin Color – Second Life

This tutorial is intended for those people using RedPoly kits. But, anyone can learn some basic ideas on how to match skin color. Like starting with changing Windlight to eliminate extraneous color and shadows. (7:40 min)

I usually run my viewers on DEFAULT Windlight or local region settings. So, I haven’t needed to change my Windlight for some time. I had forgotten how few Windlight settings come with the new viewers: 36. The CalWL setting was not in my current viewer.

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New Penny Patton Shapes Released

I like a lot of the work that Penny does with getting regions and avatars scaled to realistic proportions. So, when I saw that she had released new shapes I wanted to check them out. She has a blog article about them here: More Vitruvian Shapes!

The picture is one she made to show the difference between the Linden Made Shapes and the to-scale-shapes she makes and recommends.

Free Second Life Shapes

New Vitruvian Shapes by Penny Patton

You can find Penny’s Market Place here. The Vitruvian Shapes discussed are here. And the cost is: L$0, which you can’t beat.  Continue reading

Skin Design Tutorial

Base Skin Color

This is a research and learning project for me. It will be a multi-part series as I work my way through it. The series will have the best of the information I find and the information I feel is important for a new skin artist, much of what others have left out as they covered the basics in their tutorials. The first article on skin design is: Skin Design – The Windlight Age

For a skin design it is often easier to work with a larger canvas/image. A 2048×2048 is reasonable. The templates others have made are mostly 1024×1024. You can save yourself some effort on you first attempt working at 1024. The larger sizes are easier to paint, IMO, and mistakes and paint strokes are minimized when reduced in size for use in-world. Reducing can help.

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Skin Design – The Windlight Age

Skin Design – The Windlight Age

Nomine SKin – Raw Viewer Picture

I recently got interested in skin design… well facial tattoos really, that sort of forces one to look at skin design. This article is about the basic concepts and where to find great information on skins. It is my basic research work and learning as I begin to explore skin design.

When it comes to understanding skin there is the Ruth skin, the default skin one has when they first come into SL. It is pretty bland. The Ruth skin makes one look very cartoony. There are enough free skins around that anyone that cares about AV appearance can upgrade. Just takes a little looking around. Some great free skins are older models made by top designers. So, you can look good for free. Check out Freebies Beach for a good free or cheap skin. For those that want an anatomically correct skin look around Zindra. Many of the dance clubs have good free skins for their dancers and new patrons.

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