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There is a roll to the main channel this morning. The package running on the RC channels advances to the main software for all servers this week.

I want to know how it will end...

I want to know how it will end…

This is the package with ‘minor fixes’ and BUG-40565 “Significant script performance degradation observed in server version” fixed.

There is no new package rolling to the RC channels. So, all regions will be running the same package. 


Version remains the main/default viewer.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is a new RC viewer that just made it through QA. Maintenance releases are usually a conglomeration of fixes and small tweaks. That is the case this time. There are four main areas of crash fix the Lindens describe and attribute to the release:

  • Memory allocation
  • Pay floater
  • On Exit in function LLView::OnVisibilityChange
  • Opening oversized texture

Crash fixes are good. There are 79 fixes listed for this version of the viewer. See the release notes. Here are the fixes (?) I found interesting:

It appears the Lindens are still thinking about render cost. One of the changes in this release is to Provide an informative warning when a user has a render-heavy set of HUDs.

It seems the coalesced objects problem is being thought about. Put too many items in a coalesced objects and it is a problem trying to get it out of inventory. So, we get a warning about what the problem is, Add new alert to viewer for too much inventory in coalesced objects.

A math error in Avatar Complexity was fixed. I don’t know what this means for how we see Jelly Dolls. Math rounding error when calculating IndirectMaxComplexity.

This is curious: Add a way to see worn temp attachments. I suppose this provides a way to see some hidden attachment like the Firestorm viewer link. It is a clever way to handle such a feature but, griefers abuse it. This is probably a solution.

A problem in Quick graphics has been fixed: Graphic preset name including “\” causes preset to be unusable & preset cannot be deleted.

Something a lot of people are wanting: There is no easy way for users to disable *all* avatar complexity notifications. I’m not sure I like people being able to turn off ACI notices. I would be all up in their business. But, the Lab is more accommodating.

I have no idea what this may add or fix: MAINT-6658  – why do i need an app to enter second life/teleport to a sim which is shown in an sl users profile? I am guessing the viewer while showing a SLURL was warning it needed to start the viewer… redundant.

RC Second Life Bento Viewer version – No update this past week.

RC Second Life VLC Viewer version – No update this past week.

No project viewers.

I am guessing the VLC viewer will be the next to promote. However, it is a race to the fewest crashes so, the Maintenance release might pass it. Bento is not going to promote this week or even the next couple, unless it suddenly starts laying golden eggs. The Lindens want to soak in more data on how well it works and how people use it.

It is time to sort out the newest alpha release of Avastar 2 and start getting back into animating. I want to rebuild my avatar’s head and play with the new animation abilities. With some decent facial expressions we might see a shift in the character of SL adult role play.

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