Second Life News 2013-13

This week we did get a rollout to the main channel. The code running on Blue Steal and Le Tigre was promoted Tuesday morning.  This is a package that has a bug fix or two and a crash mode fix, which I think is mostly a security fix. So, we won’t see much change in the main channel… may be a bit less griefing.

Server-Scripting Meeting - Baker's Estate in Background

Server-Scripting Meeting – Baker’s Estate in Background

Release Channels

Wednesday we will see the Blue Steal and Le Tigre RC channels get the exciting rollout. SVC-3755 is included which changes how the CHANGED() event works. Now CHANGED_REGION and CHANGED_TELEPORT will work from child prims.

This package also includes the new animation override helpers; llSetAnimationOverride(), llGetAnimationOverride(), and llResetAnimationOverride().

These new functions are now documented in the SL Wiki. These are new and lack examples and other information that will come with time. Users can help by adding to the wiki. Use the function’s Discussion page to ask questions.

This package also has the particle changes. It will be possible to select particles and mute the emitter. Plus we get some new particle attributes. I think we have to get some viewer and scripting language updates before we can use them.

The package also includes a bug fix or two and a performance enhancement for inactive Pathfinding areas.

The code in the Magnum channel did not get promoted. It gets the updates rolled to the main channels and some more fixes for the Interest List, BUG-1814 – Vehicle region crossing problem, and BUG-1795 – A problem with avatar position after teleporting.

This means that the vehicle crossing problems are not yet resolved. In the Magnum channel the crossing fix is running and seems to be working well. There is no news about problems with the crossing fix. But, the crash mode fix was apparently a more import update.


A few people were reporting problems with the roll before it could finish. So, it isn’t possible to know if there are real problems or Chicken Little things. Until the roll completes things are way too chaotic to know. Some think there was a roll back in this morning’s rollout. But, there was no mention of a roll back by Simon and Andrew Linden at the Server meeting.


Monty Linden has advised us (3/23) that the three DRTSIM-203 channels on Aditi have been updated with a new build with a fix for SH-4026. The fix involves expired/revoked caps returning 502 on access rather than the traditional 404.


There is a new round of griefing spreading through SL. Some think it is spring-break’ers doing their thing. Geez, what a sad group of spring break kiddies. You’ll see in-world notices and a thread in SLUniverse about the group of goons.

Simon is not willing to say much, but the Lindens are considering how to make some more changes.

Mesh Rez Problem

A rather interesting think happens when one wears mesh pants, skirts, or shorts. If there is no alpha layer it is possible for the avatar to rez the skin then take 20 to 40 seconds for the mesh clothing to rez. That can leave a girl’s ka-slop-us showing, to use Chelsea Handler’s term. I don’t expect a fix for this problem anytime soon. So, consider what you are wearing under your mesh clothes.

Group Ban Project

Baker Linden is still planning and documenting the project. Baker is find lots of little catches and gotchas. Once he has those handled he can start on the code. But, along the way several other problems in the affected code blocks are being fixed. For instance name search is getting some attention. The problem with the DOT separating first and last names may get fixed. There is also that problem with Display Names which start with a space character. These fixes will move through the system as part of the Group Ban project.

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