Second Life Server Update Week 41

The main grid got a new package Tuesday 10/6. There is no update ready for the RC channels. So, the entire grid is running the same package.

345 When night turns into day

When night turns into day

The package rolled out has fixed server crash and fixed the Region Debug Console help text. It also makes the new LSL functions for getting attachments functional grid wise.

Function: integer llGetAttached( ); – Returns the attach_point (an integer) the object is attached to or zero if it is either not attached or is pending detachment.

Function: list llGetAttachedList( key avatar ); – Returns a list of public attachments worn by an avatar.

Function: list llGetObjectDetails( key id, list params ); – Returns a list of the details for id, specifically those requested in params. – This is an older function but gets a new ability.

Simon Linden hopes to have a maintenance package ready for next week.

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