Second Life Adult: Not Intuitive

SexWe all have our thoughts and beliefs about sex. In Second Life™ we can push the envelope on our thinking. Plus, we encounter people from all over the world that have very different ideas about sex and the roles of male and female.

The Walk

The Walk

In SL I continue to find aspects of life I hadn’t thought of before. For instance, bloggers tend to write reviews of the previous year about now. It is interesting to be reminded of what changed this year. Caroline, of Second Life Adventures blog (NSFW), did a review of the 2016 events and happenings that affected her the most. There is a new meme. See: My Second Life Story in 2016 (NSFW XXX). Continue reading

The PC Mime… I’m NOT PC

Strawberry Singh has an interesting post up with an interesting meme: The Love Trumps Hate Challenge. The basic idea I took away is to be loving and living what you believe, do something. But… her underlying philosophy and how it relates to the real world is missing. But, the title definitely reflects her creativity.

The point is to be uncomfortable

The point is to be uncomfortable

My grandmother’s generation was the last to have an education in history and civics from a public school. I was educated in history and civics at home. At times, it put my parents and I in great conflict. My schools never taught the subjects. It appears neither did Strawberry’s. So, how differently do we see things? Continue reading

Your View

 Shug Maitland (post) suggested to Strawberry Singh that she should do a meme on how people view the Second Life world. Meaning mostly a screen capture of your viewer window. I actually had to think about that for a minute.

What my viewer looks like really depends on what I’m doing. If I’m exploring, I have all the panels pretty much closed. I’ll keep the mini map open. But, if I’m attending a user group meeting, I tend to have chat windows open, sometimes even covering most of the screen. Our I may have the word processor open covering most of the viewer. If I’m working on appearance, I often have the view covered with inventory windows and the outfit window.

I decided that my view ‘of the world’ is mostly my exploring mode. But, that really isn’t how my viewer looks most of the time.

My Screen - January 2014

My Screen – January 2014

Above is a screen capture of how my screen generally looks right after I login.

Meanwhile, Strawberry has a new meme up titled: Second Life Helpful Tools Meme. It’s a great meme. She’s using some tools I didn’t even know about. So, that’s the end of this article because I’m off to find some new tools.

Strawberry Meme & Liquid Mesh

I read the memes that Strawberry comes up with each Monday. I’ve never taken the time to do one. The post Strawberry wrote to start this week’s meme is one of the better articles on Liquid Mesh. Her position is intelligent and rational. I decided to provide more of the background on my thinking about Liquid Mesh. Rereading my articles I think I the last one was overly negative. See: Inventory Meme & Liquid Mesh.

And consider.

Liquid Mesh items are being sold across the grid. Not all are labeled Liquid Mesh, but the advertising term is gaining popularity. As word of the possible destruction of Liquid Mesh spreads we may see more items sold under other promotional names. All will convey the idea that a mesh item can be changed to fit your shape. There is no official Linden supported way to do that that supports a change when the Leg Muscles setting in the Appearance editor is changed. Continue reading