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 Shug Maitland (post) suggested to Strawberry Singh that she should do a meme on how people view the Second Life world. Meaning mostly a screen capture of your viewer window. I actually had to think about that for a minute.

What my viewer looks like really depends on what I’m doing. If I’m exploring, I have all the panels pretty much closed. I’ll keep the mini map open. But, if I’m attending a user group meeting, I tend to have chat windows open, sometimes even covering most of the screen. Our I may have the word processor open covering most of the viewer. If I’m working on appearance, I often have the view covered with inventory windows and the outfit window.

I decided that my view ‘of the world’ is mostly my exploring mode. But, that really isn’t how my viewer looks most of the time.

My Screen - January 2014

My Screen – January 2014

Above is a screen capture of how my screen generally looks right after I login.

Meanwhile, Strawberry has a new meme up titled: Second Life Helpful Tools Meme. It’s a great meme. She’s using some tools I didn’t even know about. So, that’s the end of this article because I’m off to find some new tools.

2 thoughts on “Your View

  1. So many people keep their maps open all the time, thinking maybe I should too. I just feel like it gets in the way too much, lol. Thank you for sharing your screen. <3

    • In several games the mini-map is crucial to survival. I also then to use it for navigation. But, once I get into shopping I close it.

      Thanks for the tips/meme on useful tools.

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