Second Life Adult: Not Intuitive

Has anyone changed what you do in SL?

In my case, several people. Mostly those producing art in SL.

Strawberry Singh in art, video, and her thinking has influenced me.

Draxtor Despres’ style of video… I’m nowhere near duplicating it but, it is an influence.

Caroline of SLA has changed my thinking on the popularity and financial reward of porn.

Exploration of Flickr’s SL community lead me to some amazing artists (some NSFW); Angie Tsunenaga, Corsario Lionheart, Lylah Landar, Erik Mofanui, and 300+ more. So, is it Flickr or the people there that are the influence? The people. But, it is easier to write Flickr.

A couple of SL lovers are pushing my buttons… the emotional ones. I think I’m growing…

Mesh Body Addicts blog has influenced my shopping.

Helping a Fox Fix Render Issues

Is there any place you have found in 2016 that has changed your behavior?

Hmmm… not for me. Some new shops that have changed my shopping pattern. I don’t consider that a significant change. I did get banned from a region… first time ever. I still have no clue why. That has made more tolerant and understanding when answering ‘why did I get banned?’ questions in Answers. I and others answering question are prone to assume if one got banned, they deserve it.

While I suspect the ban is more about my blog and political views, I have no proof. It may also be someone screwed up. Nobody in region management seems to know or won’t say. So, I’ll probably never know.

Have you learned anything about people or current events that changes your thinking or behavior?

Unfortunately, nothing positive. I am finding the Clinton supporters, progressives, Left is more hateful and intolerant and resistant to facts further dividing people. Conservatives are way too quickly adopting the tactics of the Left and deliberately driving the Left up the wall.

Have you gotten bored?

Yes… My boredom is a mix of blogging and playing in SL.

Much of my blogging is about technical changes in SL. The number of changes happening in SL seem fewer. Especially, on a week to week basis. But, a lot is still changing. The Lab is hinting at even more shiny stuff to come in 2017. Still I’m finding it a bit boring.

This means my technical reporting has less to cover. I write less and readership falls. Inara does a good job on the tech stuff. And she does more travel stuff, articles on places. So, I am considering what else I would like to report on that I find interesting.

Many sites cover ‘travel’, places in SL. Plenty of other sites cover shopping, fashion, porn, art… it is easier to read those than dig up original material. None of those subjects actually interest me.

I find porn a small part of the adult scene in SL. And the porn is generally poorly done (PornHUB SL video – NSFW XXX). Porn in general is poorly done, SL and RL. I find SL machinima porn horribly done.

Even some of the really good artists produce low quality porn images… not in erotic quality but, artistic quality. Some of it in SL is gorgeous, Tatiana Easterwood (absolutely NSFW XXX). Work by some others looks like a poorly done cartoons made with a 15-year-old computer.

I am hoping AvaStar gets their 2.0 version to final release. Then I’ll have an interesting new toy.


How would you answer these questions?

  1. Is there a 2016 change in Second Life that changed you?
  2. Has anyone changed what you do in SL?
  3. Is there any place you have found in 2016 that has changed your behavior?
  4. Have you learned anything about people or current events that changes your thinking or behavior?
  5. Have you gotten bored?

If you post a response somewhere, I would like a link. If you link to this article, I get a ping. You don’t need to do anything else. Otherwise, leave a link in the comments.

Happy New Year…

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