Philosophy: Do you know what the Ignorance Project is?

I used to be surprised at how little people know, especially about current events and important political subjects. I’ve gotten over it. I’ve moved on to the psychology of changing minds.

Ignorance Project

I’m not the only one concerned about ignorant people messing up the world in their effort to make things better. In a 2014 presentation by TED (About) we learn about global ignorance and what can be done about it. Continue reading

The PC Mime… I’m NOT PC

Strawberry Singh has an interesting post up with an interesting meme: The Love Trumps Hate Challenge. The basic idea I took away is to be loving and living what you believe, do something. But… her underlying philosophy and how it relates to the real world is missing. But, the title definitely reflects her creativity.

The point is to be uncomfortable

The point is to be uncomfortable

My grandmother’s generation was the last to have an education in history and civics from a public school. I was educated in history and civics at home. At times, it put my parents and I in great conflict. My schools never taught the subjects. It appears neither did Strawberry’s. So, how differently do we see things? Continue reading

A Liberal Tells Us why Trump Won

A friend of my dad’s sent this to him. He emailed a link to me. 😛

I won’t put the video on my site because of the language. But, here is the link: President Trump: How & Why…

Johnathan Pie

Johnathan Pie

The speaker is Jonathan Pie, a spoof reporter created by British actor and comedian Tom Walker. Very much a British style Colbert Report thing.

He nails it to the wall… but, I doubt the Liberals/Dems supporting Hillary will understand. I’m impressed because a Liberal is taking responsibility for the Hillary loss.


As race relations in the US devolve there are those that are trying to heal the divisions. This one of the people working to stop the division.

United we stand… pay attention to who proposes segregation, racial quotas, disregard for merit and accomplishment in favor of race and economic status.

Second Life in the News

Second Life™ is in the news again. It is mentioned in an article about pedophilia. So, is Morrowind, Elder Scrolls. It isn’t what you think. The article is about how those aware of their problem are sublimating (especially in psychoanalytic theory) divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity) and controlling their desire using virtual worlds.

{ Help! I'm not really Insane! } for Style Kingdom Mag

{ Help! I’m not really Insane! } for Style Kingdom Mag

A Dr. Seto points out that “prosocial” pedophiles—ones who experience empathy for children or shy away from harmful sexual behavior—more often than not don’t know where to turn for help.

Historically we have been down this road with other differences thought of as illnesses. Homosexual preference is not a disease or mental illness. Their gender identity is different. We have learned a lot about what shapes gender identity.  Continue reading

Are Second Life Users Different?

Some time ago in the days (3/2012) when the Firestorm-Phoenix Viewer had its brand displayed in the avatar ID tag Jessica Lyon was surprised to learn Firestorm users were abusing those that used other brands of a viewer. (Text Reference TM 21:00± – Video Reference*).



Canary Beck has just written an article where she outlines her rules for blog comments. See: My evolving view on blog comments. In it she writes, “I’ve never in my life been the recipient of the vitriol I’ve received while blogging in Second Life.

I blog and post in various places. I had to think about Canary’s comment. Is SL the worst? Since she used the word ‘vitriol’, I can agree with her, yes. Definitions of the word use terms like; abusive, cruel, and others that denote harmful caustic rhetoric. I’ve seen mean and abusive and what Canary is implying by use of the word vitriol does seem to be a significant characteristic of a considerable number of Second Life users.  Continue reading