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SexWe all have our thoughts and beliefs about sex. In Second Life™ we can push the envelope on our thinking. Plus, we encounter people from all over the world that have very different ideas about sex and the roles of male and female.

The Walk

The Walk

In SL I continue to find aspects of life I hadn’t thought of before. For instance, bloggers tend to write reviews of the previous year about now. It is interesting to be reminded of what changed this year. Caroline, of Second Life Adventures blog (NSFW), did a review of the 2016 events and happenings that affected her the most. There is a new meme. See: My Second Life Story in 2016 (NSFW XXX).

Paraphrasing her words, Review those things that made either an impact or change in the direction of your story and which best describe your journey in Second Life. For Caroline it is, of course, sex stuff.

The meme can be reframed in several ways and the things do not have to be sexual. I find the interesting part to be in considering what changed or happened in SL that may have changed people’s behavior in SL… or even RL.

Project Bento changes are going to change what we buy, how facial expressions and hand gestures work. But, the changes are unlikely to change our shopping, creative, or day-to-day play in SL. We will be updating our collections of animation files. But, what in Bento will actually change what we do?

For Caroline, early in 2016 the realization that men prefer a high-end call girls over a street hookers changed her approach. I’m not sure the numbers support her on the call-girl vs street hooker. But, it is an idea that changes her behavior and works for her. It is a change in ‘Caroline’ during 2016. Interesting.

The Ark – Furry Hang Out – Jan 2017

Finding The Ark, an apparently well-known furry hang out, is listed as one of the impactful changes for Caroline in 2016. A place that changes where we hang out or how we think about things is significant.

During mid-year, changes for Caroline were in relationships. I believe relationships affect my direction and how I spend time in SL. So, this is another of those possibly significant changes we tend to gloss over, at least I do, until it is called to my attention.

Boredom… I never thought of it as a change… but, it is. We say we ‘became bored’. Something changed: us. Caroline included it in her list of 2016 changes.

There is an interesting sequence of events in her August-I-Got-Bored story. Stopping to try something different, starting in a direction and getting distracted, finding a new side of past interests…

In September Caroline discovers 3DXChat, a sex game. For myself and a number of friends it was Obduction, a Cyan Worlds game – the people that made Myst and definitely NOT a sex game. I would rate this as one of Caroline’s bigger changes for 2016. The affect is still reverberating.

By October 3DXChat was changing Caroline’s interest and perspective on the online porn business. This change was growing as November and December passed. Caroline was researching and considering the financial implications of starting her own adult film business.


So, if we adopt this new way of looking at our 2016 experience, what would it look like as a meme?

Is there a 2016 change in Second Life that changed you?

For me it is Bento and VR. Bento because I wanted to pass along the information coming out at the Project Bento meetings. I looked for an easier and interesting way to cover the meetings. I decided that was video/machinima as it would show what was being built.

While a transcript of the meetings would be nice, that was too time consuming. I am still considering if there is some way to create machine readable indexes of the meeting conversation.

So, I do video now and am learning Adobe’s Premiere Pro and expanding my knowledge of Photoshop. Nalates Urriah’s YouTube channel.

VR made a difference, pushing me to upgrade my computer. But, the lack of performance in the VR market (way behind projections) has put that on a back burner.

The need for better computer performance for video, to play Obduction, and possibly VR and Sansar, I built a new computer. That required research which I published as Hardware.

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