Second Life News 2014-47

Group Chat

Simon Linden Tells us:

Yes some of the chat servers have been having troubles in the last few days.   I’ve been looking into that … the code running there isn’t super new, and the outages might be timed with some of those [hardware update] restarts.

In any case, there is an update soon for the chat servers, and already another in the pipeline.


Photo Shoot w/Mr. S

Photo Shoot w/Mr. S

This week there are no rolls for either the main channel or RC channels. Next week is a no change week. So, I expect no roll outs that week either.

We can expect tweaking to the CDN system. This week whatever they are doing that requires multiple restarts is ongoing.

The main reason for no updates is the hardware updating requiring the restarts scheduled for this week. Estimating time for any individual update or the group is difficult as Simon says, “We also have to actually open up the server box and look inside to see if it needs an update, so it’s random how long each one takes.

This shouldn’t do anything grid-wide, aside from extra region restarts.”  Continue reading

Firestorm Viewer – Soon?

Firestorm Logo

Firestorm Logo

There is a new article up on the Firestorm Viewer site. See: Be Careful What You Wish For. I can read a lot into the article. That doesn’t mean I have it right. The things I am pretty sure of follow.

We have known for some time that the FS Team planned a viewer release for November. It seems the release date is sliding. I am guessing Jessica is feeling pressure or anticipating blowback from users when the release goes out and thus posted the article. We know from her own words blogging is not a thing she really enjoys. Thus we can assume something is motivating the post.

Jessica is explaining the difficulties of releasing a viewer and deciding what is and is not going to be in this release. Her estimated release date is ‘a few weeks’… the word ‘few’ is ambiguous. Dictionaries define ‘few’ as a small number of things. As examples they give 2 to 5. But, in my family 2 to 5 was a ‘couple of’ and ‘a few’ was closer to 10. We have no way to know what ‘few’ means to Jessica. But, I suspect this puts a viewer release nearer to the end of November and possibly into December.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-45


There is a roll going to the main channel this morning. The Deploy thread in the forum describes it as ‘minor improvements’. Not much to go on.

RC Channels

There is no package ready for the RC Channels. Caleb Linden says there will be no roll of the RC Channels.

Deyanira Yalin - Builder's Brewery Class Instructor

Deyanira Yalin – Builder’s Brewery Class Instructor


I am seeing more people complaining about texture loading and render stalling and things remaining gray or blurry. It is still a small number of people, which means the Lindens are not going to turn their attention to the problem. They are watching for problems from Pipeline and CDN changes. So, that may reveal the problem.

If you are consistently running into the problem, file a JIRA. To helpful the Lindens needs lots of detail and a way to reproduce the problem. If this is a timing issue, the Lindens may not be able to reproduce it from within the Lab, they are sitting on the servers and miss out on some of the problems we see. Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2014-36 #2

CG Awesome

I suspect most people know there is a lot of CG in moves these days. This is an interesting video showing some amazing CG work.


Have you heard of #GamerGate? I suppose it has been growing for days. The long and drama filled story can be found here: GamerGate: A Closer Look At The Controversy Sweeping Video Games.

#GamerGate is drama just as we see in Second Life™. Only on a larger scale. It is a story complete with sex, vigilantes, hacking, rage quits, and all the rest. Continue reading

CtrlAltStudio Releases DK2 Second Life Support

David Rowe, lead developer for CtrlAltStudio’s Oculus Viewer and Firestorm contributor, has released preliminary support for the Oculus Rift DK2, developer’s kit 2. This is the improved Oculus with better head tracking and higher resolution screen.

Read more here: Preliminary Rift DK2 Support: Alpha.

In motion tracking the big change in the Oculus which requires changes to programs supporting it, is from adding tracking of head leaning/position. Head rotation is what was previously tracked. To understand the difference think of locking your shoulders against your seat back and moving your head by only flexing your neck. That is head rotation. If you bend at the waist and lean forward, you don’t use many neck muscles but you head moves a lot. It is this latter motion that has been added to the Oculus’ abilities.

Think of leaning out a car window to look at the ground. You will use a combination of head turning and body motion to see around the car door. It is supposed to be this sort of motion the Oculus has gotten better at.

Telling Second Life Viewers how to move the camera to simulate this type of motion is being added.

David does not have all of the new stuff working in the viewer. It is, as he writes, “…very preliminary”. But, it is a start for those with DK2’s.

Second Life News Bits 2014-32


The Group Ban Viewer has been promoted to the main viewer: 3.7.13 (292225). The release notes are here. So, if you own a group and have problem people, you can ban them and they will not be able to get back in.

Otherwise there are no changes to the Linden Lab viewer line up.

Warbug @ Landing Field - 2014

Warbug @ Landing Field – 2014

Dolphin Viewer

A beta version of the Dolphin Viewer  is out, There is no new information on what is in this viewer. I assume this is just a bug fixed version of the July release.

See: Finally! The first public beta of the new Dolphin Viewer 3! Continue reading

CtrlAltStudio Viewer Version (Alpha 8)

David Rowe has been building a version of the SL Viewer, well, the Firestorm version of the SL Viewer, that supports Shutter glasses and the Oculus Rift. These versions are labeled experimental., probably for multiple reasons. There is no doubt the viewer is experimental for the very obvious reasons the Rift has yet to be officially released and the Lab has yet to release a viewer with Rift support.

David has deliberately avoided doing much with the user interface for his Rift supporting viewer. His intention was to wait until the Lab released their viewer. I suppose with a base UI established a decision could be made whether that wheel was round enough or needed improvement.  Continue reading

CtrlAltStudio Viewer Alpha 5

Another update to the CtrlAltStudio Viewer is out. See: Alpha 5: Configurable Walk Speed and Kinect Control.

This is the viewer that offers normal, stereoscopic 3D, and Oculus Rift viewer modes. Now it offers an interface for Kinect. Also added is a walking speed adjustment. All of these are neat additions to the basic Firestorm Viewer that turns it into the CtrlAltStudio Viewer.

This is the viewer for those using shutter glasses and Oculus. Features have been added to make use of the Oculus and Kinect more pleasant.