Second Life Bits 2014-36 #2

CG Awesome

I suspect most people know there is a lot of CG in moves these days. This is an interesting video showing some amazing CG work.


Have you heard of #GamerGate? I suppose it has been growing for days. The long and drama filled story can be found here: GamerGate: A Closer Look At The Controversy Sweeping Video Games.

#GamerGate is drama just as we see in Second Life™. Only on a larger scale. It is a story complete with sex, vigilantes, hacking, rage quits, and all the rest.

I think it shows how many people lack respect for the basic principles of freedom and prefer to adhere to fascist-like principals where they decide who can do what and impose penalties based on suppositions and personal opinion rather than evidence and facts. What a mess.

VR & HMD Advance

See: John Carmack: Samsung’s Gear VR is a “Landmark first step” for Mobile VR.

Samsung’s secret project coming out in the Galaxy Note 4 is revealed. Seems Samsung has built Oculus Rift tracking tech into the Note 4. So, those cardboard head mounted displays that hold a cell phone have just become a real candidate for VR.

If you were wondering how Oculus Rift and Facebook made a deal to get Samsung’s newest in demand so sort in supply display, for their DK2 and presumably the future retail product, trading tech may be how it was done.

CtrlAltStudio Viewer

David Rowe has trleased another update to his viewer. The interface for the Oculus Rift DK2 now has a basic User Interface (UI).  See the announcement: Basic Rift DK2 UI Added: Alpha 3.

Kokua Viewer

There are some problems that made it through the team’s QA. They affect Linux users. Starting the viewer is a problem. See the announcement: Linux users of Kokua.

Singularity 1.8.6 – Release

A new version of Singularity is out. See the announcement: Singularity Viewer. It is a huge list of fixes, changes, and additions.

SL Viewer

The release notes for SL Viewer 3.7.15- 293376 were posted Thursday about 11:30 AM. Looking on the RC Viewer Page I found it listed as: Snowstorm Viewer version,

This update is described as: Open source contributions and internal fixes including an improved unified Snapshot floater, improved inventory filtering as well a number of bug fixes and cleanup.

Win The Belleza Mesh Body!

Fabulously Free has an article by Love Trill titled Win The Belleza Mesh Body! It seems Belleza is entering the mesh body market place. The body has not yet gone retail, you can’t buy it just yet, but soon. You can however win a pre-release copy.

The contest ends this Saturday 8/6. You can enter on Belleza’s Facebook page. The entry form is here.

Drax Radio Hour

A new season has started. Show #35 has been released today: Show #35: Jacki Morie. Summer reruns are over, Yay!

The web page for this show is rich in content and videos, worth your time to visit.

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