Second Life: What’s with that Search Window at Login?

If you use the Linden viewer, you may have found your search windows open when you log into Second Life™. It has happened to me. It’s a “What’s with that?” experience. Surprising. Not exactly what I want.

Really annoying! Go away!!

Really annoying! Go away!!

Next is the “How do I turn THAT off?” There is no Preferences setting or Debug Setting.  Continue reading

Second Life: State of Video

With the release of the VLC viewer ( we will see the video market in Second Life start changing. It as of today, it hasn’t changed much. As it has in most of the rest of the RL world. So, with 4.1.1 we will have a better experience with YouTube and other services.

VLC Viewer and Streaming Media - TV's

VLC Viewer and Streaming Media – TV’s

NOTE: On starting the 4.1.1 viewer I started crashing. I changed regions and all seemed OK. Before I logged off I got a notice that a newer version was available: I’ve installed it and it seems to be OK.  Continue reading

Second Life: Do you see SL in comfort?

Updated: Nov 8, 2016

Kate Amdahl has posted an article titled: A Better Way to See in Second Life. It is inspired by Penny Patton’s articles on Scale and camera positions: The Improved SL Camera.

Default Camera Position Controls

Default Camera Position Controls

These tips came out in 2011. They inspired me to write my version: Second Life Camera Position Tips. I never run a viewer using the default camera position these days. I change them first thing.  Continue reading

Second Life: Windows 10 Slow Down Issues

Microsoft is pushing updates. Windows 10 automatically obeys Microsoft and installs updates. Numerous people are finding their computers have been crippled after an auto-update. The problem is not just with Second Life™ viewers. But, SL users are NOTICING the problem as it has a massive effect on viewer performance.

BA - the search begins

BA – the search begins

The Firestorm Team has written a bit about fixing the problem in their wiki. See: Windows 10 Issues.

The problem with the FS fix is they recommend uninstalling updates; KB3176938, KB3189866, and KB3193494. Some of these are security updates. Removing them leaves your computer open to known exploits.  Continue reading

Sceond Life: Unscheduled Maintenance

by Linden on ‎08-23-2016 11:06 AM

[Posted 11:03 AM PDT, 23 August 2016] We are aware that some users are currently being logged out, and all users are currently unable to log in to Second Life. Additionally, please refrain from transacting on the LindeX on in-world as purchases are likely to fail. Some regions are also unavailable at this time, and teleports to other regions may fail currently. We have identified the issue causing this situation and are currently working to resolve it. Please monitor this blog for additional updates.

Second Life: HUD Bug

Enchanted lady bug

Enchanted lady bug

There is a bug in the new Firestorm 4.7.9 and Second Life 4.0.7. The bug is not much of a problem unless you play in combat games. Whirly Fizzle explains it:

Yep, it’s a bug on Firestorm 4.7.9.

I saw you already found the JIRA issue, but here it is for anyone else having the same problem:

Workarounds for this one:

If you are wearing an attachment using llTakeControls, take it off.  That’s the trigger for the bug.

It may not be viable to remove all attachments using llTakeControls though. This bug is mostly annoying combat people who use mouselook a lot & many weapons use llTakeControls in such a way that they will trigger this bug when they exit mouselook.

Switching to the LL viewer is a no go – although it doesn’t have this specific bug, it has a related bug which breaks being able to shoot pretty much all weapons in mouselook when an attachment is worn using llTakeControls or the weapon itself uses llTakeControls – BUG-11602

Best bet honestly is to roll back to 4.7.7 if this bug is annoying you too much. (Reference)

If you are playing a combat game, add your name and information to the JIRA’s.

Second Life: Stipend Delay RESOLVED

[RESOLVED] Premium Stipends Delayed

by Linden ‎07-12-2016 08:56 AM – edited ‎07-12-2016 01:08 PM
[Resolved 1:07 PM PDT, 12 July 2016] The stipends delay has been resolved and all premium users should be paid.

[Posted 8:55 AM PDT, 12 July 2016] We are aware that not all premium members received their weekly stipends. We are currently investigating this issue. Please keep an eye on this blog for further updates.