Sceond Life: Unscheduled Maintenance

by Linden on ‎08-23-2016 11:06 AM

[Posted 11:03 AM PDT, 23 August 2016] We are aware that some users are currently being logged out, and all users are currently unable to log in to Second Life. Additionally, please refrain from transacting on the LindeX on in-world as purchases are likely to fail. Some regions are also unavailable at this time, and teleports to other regions may fail currently. We have identified the issue causing this situation and are currently working to resolve it. Please monitor this blog for additional updates.

One thought on “Sceond Life: Unscheduled Maintenance

  1. The good news in this outage is I discovered that is back online.
    As soon as I saw the graph falling off the edge I knew the problem was not me but grid-wide.
    etitsup also gives a “live” (more or less) look at progress. us understandably delayed.

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