Second Life: Disappearing Attachments

Some people are experiencing losing attachments when they cross to a new region or teleport. I’ve had it happen a couple of times. It is apparently a significant problem for a number of people. A thread about it is here: Avatar attachments continually being detached.

LIfe is a Beach

LIfe is a Beach

There are a number of JIRA Bug Reports, Whirly says thousands:

  • FIRE-12004 – Upon teleport, attachment points with multiple attachments lose some of the attachments – phantom scripted attachments after teleport.
  • FIRE-17998 – Attachments Still Falling Off in CR
  • BUG-7761 – Phantom scripted attachments after teleport (see all issues linked this one also).
  • BUG-40591 – Attachments problems sim crossing, sitting etc

A step to reduce the problem is to have one attachment per attachment point. Another suggestion is to get the Firestorm Bento Alpha version viewer. It has an attempted fix by Ansariel Hiller. Whirly has added Debug Settings to work with the fix:

  • FSExperimentalLostAttachmentsFix enables the fix
  • FSExperimentalLostAttachmentsFixReport will report to nearby chat if a kill object message was received during TP or region crossing and also show for which object, so it allows checking if those attachments are still there and working

Of course, those are only available in the Firestorm Viewer. You can get the Firestorm alpha viewer by:

… joining the Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group (secondlife:///app/group/7ba4569c-9dd9-fed2-aaa7-36065d18a13c/about) inworld.  The download links are in the group notices.

Please, only get the alpha version viewer if you are running into the problem. If you are wanting to work with Bento, the FS Team would appreciate help and feedback.

The Cause

It seems the messaging from the server to the viewer is messing up during a teleport. So, when you arrive the viewer is confused about what the avatar is wearing (what to render). The work-around viewer side is to have the viewer ignore outfit messages during teleport. Walking across a region boundary is apparently more difficult to detect and therefore the fix sometimes fails to block the problem messages.

Bad messaging can mess up the Current Outfit Folder (COF) and cause items to stick and not render… you can’t wear a problem item or remove it and it doesn’t render. A TP or restart may not clear the problem because of COF corruption. You may have to change outfits (a whole outfit replace) or put on the test avatar. (Do that by: in the top menu click Develop->Avatar->Character Tests->Test Male/Female. If there is no DEVELOP in the top menu, press Ctrl-Alt-Q.)

I haven’t noticed the problem except possibly on only a couple of occasions. Since I was region hopping exploring Halloween places I put up with an incomplete render until the next TP, which seems to clear it up in my case. May be once I had to change my outfit to resolve my not completely rendering.

If you are seeing the problem and can add definitive information about the problem, please add to the JIRA. If yours is a “me too”, please just click the WATCH button.

2 thoughts on “Second Life: Disappearing Attachments

  1. I’m *so* glad I rewrote LL’s COF dirty code from scratch and did not make the COF state (which depends on all three viewer, sim server and inventory database server: quite a risk they will disagree at some point !) authoritative in the Cool VL Viewer; the *viewer* is the reference authority, and syncs the COF and sim server as needed (via polling checks and additional requests when needed) to get the desired items worn and rezzed…

    I told them all their COF stuff was a pile of spaghetti, racy code, but as usual Oz & Co did not listen to me… Too bad for *them* !… And now I can laugh my ass out seeing them struggling to get it working in their viewer ! >:->

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