Climate: NASA Temperature Adjustments

For NASA warming is a $2± billion a year business, from a $200 billion a year budget. There has been no government money for any climate study that does not include warming for the last 20 (?) years. The NASA budget is currently being decided by the US House of Representatives. The Senate has had their say passing a NASA bill: S.442.

What should you tell your representative? Spend more? Less? Close NASA Earth Sciences (ES)? Save ES?

You’ll find the information about what the House is doing in the House’s appropriations bill, a continuing measure as Pres. Obama stopped preparing a Federal budget for submission to and approval by Congress as required by US Law years ago. We now stagger from financial crisis to crisis.

A point in deciding what to tell your representative would be to look at the facts of what NASA ES has been doing. Francis Menton has been publishing a series of articles detailing just that. Francis’ latest (14th) article is about how NASA has been adjusting the temperatures from a weather observatory near his home located at Falls Village (Town of Canaan), Connecticut. It is worth reading before deciding.

Second Life: Scam at Play

Every so often someone figures out a new way to scam those in Second LifeTM. Seems a new scam has popped up.

After The End

After The End

Links are placed into comments in group chat. Most of us just paste a URL (http://www.someplace…) in and keep going. BUT… SL chat has the ability to make text links (link), text hiding the URL. Seems those are being used to mislead people to a hacking site. The bait is some promise of free or cheap goodies in the marketplace.  Continue reading

Second Life & RL: Avatar Safety

Every so often I find people doing things in service to others which I think people should know about. Lindal Kidd teaches a 90 minute class on Avatar Safety. That class is becoming of interest in RL and in several places in Second Life™.  Learn more here: Avatar Safety Goes Off-Campus.



Classes are scheduled for:

Caledon Oxbridge University
Care and Hope Center
Virtual Ability, Yellow Hibiscus Cabana
Virtual Ability, Yellow Hibiscus Cabana
Every Saturday, 1200 SLT
Saturday, September 26, 1700 SLT
Friday, October 2, 1200 SLT
Saturday, October 3, 1700 SLT

Second Life Bits Week 38 #2

Halloween Images

Halloween is coming. With that comes lots of events and photo contests. While no contest, Linden Lab is asking that people add Halloween images to their official Flickr page. The Lab says your image “…could be featured in an upcoming email or banner campaign.”

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Sansar Real Name

Inara and Ciaran are speculating on the real name the plans to use for Project Sansar. See Inara’s article and her speculations in: Possible contender for Project Sansar’s name?

Sansar Login Screen - Sept 2015

Sansar Login Screen – Sept 2015

Second Life Payment Information

If you use a payment method other than PayPal or Skrill, the Lab is asking that you re-enter your card information. If, your card information was last entered before July 7, 2015.  Continue reading

Second Life: DMCA Abuse – Fight Back

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA is pretty well known and abused in Second Life™. In RL it is also commonly known and abused. The law should be over turned and I expect it would be if it ever made it to the Supreme Court. The law makes people prove their innocence, which is upside down in America and most free market economies. The the reason the law continues to stand is the it favors politicians, big business, and the wealthy. Individuals and small business can’t afford to fight at the Supreme Court level.

Image by: Michael Mandiberg @ Flickr

Image by: Michael Mandiberg @ Flickr

The WordPress organization is fighting the censorship that can be imposed by abuse of DMCA. They wrote about it here: Striking Back Against Censorship. Others are in the fight too. One of those is a company named Automattic. They gained fame when fighting  Janet Jackson’s take down demand. (ReferenceContinue reading


Auryn Beorn's Profile Pic

Auryn Beorn has made a note card that is making it around Second Life. I received a copy of it from a friend in D’ni Refugees (a Myst related group). It is great advice and information about avoiding being scammed.

Auryn’s profile has info abour being into; The Basic to Advanced Scripting, SculptCrafter, MLP, Animation, Tips&Tricks instructor at Builders Brewery. And she is the owner of “Black Tulip” (scripted tools, books, scripts).

Yep, another one of us creative types in Second Life. 🙂 After the fold is the copy of her note card with some tweaks to fit the formatting of my blog.  Continue reading


You have probably heard enough about these laws. But, the depth of the deceit in these laws is escaping many of those writing about SOPA, PIPA, and OA. Some creators and merchants in SL actually support SOPA, PIPA, and/or OA, which I see as shooting their own foot.

It is reasonable to want to protect one’s intellectual property and ownership rights. It is a basic tenet of freedom to protect private property. Without such protection things devolve into anarchy and poverty. It’s a basic lesson of history.

One should research the facts and make up their mind if they are to support SOPA, PIPA, and OA or not. The best analysis and explanation of the proposed laws I’ve seen is Gwyneth Llewelyn’s article: SOPA/PIPA revisited. Please read the article. Gwyn has taken the intellectual step to reason beyond the surface of the issue and look at how the proposed laws can be misused.