Second Life Bits Week 38 #2

Halloween Images

Halloween is coming. With that comes lots of events and photo contests. While no contest, Linden Lab is asking that people add Halloween images to their official Flickr page. The Lab says your image “…could be featured in an upcoming email or banner campaign.”

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Sansar Real Name

Inara and Ciaran are speculating on the real name the plans to use for Project Sansar. See Inara’s article and her speculations in: Possible contender for Project Sansar’s name?

Sansar Login Screen - Sept 2015

Sansar Login Screen – Sept 2015

Second Life Payment Information

If you use a payment method other than PayPal or Skrill, the Lab is asking that you re-enter your card information. If, your card information was last entered before July 7, 2015. 

They are changing the payment system the Lab uses. For some reason accounts using credit cards do not reliably transfer to the new system. So, while you probably won’t have a problem the Lab is encouraging you to re-enter the information to eliminate any possibility of a problem.


Sansar Preview

Hamlet at new World Notes posted more information about the VR Workshop I mentioned earlier. Seems the Lab is providing a preview to the AIA, American Institute of Architects. The event is sold out. Attendees will be signing NDA’s. So, don’t expect to hear much.


Adult: Art of Seduction

Ziki has an article up about the new exhibit at the Art of Seduction Gallery. See: Art of Seduction Gallery September Show (NSFW).

Project Azumarill Viewer version

People are commenting on the render speed of this viewer. (Reference) For some time I have been unhappy with the drop in viewer performance. With the Azumarill and Quick Graphics versions texture loading and frame rates have improved.

Women’s Stuff Hunt

Word is the prizes/gifts in the Women’s Stuff Hunt are great. Fab Free in Wicked Sexy tells and shows some of what you can find.

GiftBot Discount Scam in Second Life

Strawberry Singh is warning us about a scam running in Second Life. See: GiftBot Discount Scam in Second Life.

She explains what is happening and what you can do to recover if you get tricked…


You may have heard about Facebook testing to see if they could control their users emotions and thinking. Now we hear that they are working to help journalists discover trends in social media. At a surface level Facebook is thought to be interested  in getting more eyes. One way to do that would be a primary news source and have people quoting you.

This new feature for journalists is known as Signal. It is only available to journalists that work for an acceptable media firm.

But, why the studies to shape emotion and thought? And why focus on reporters? Why can’t everyone use the feature? It is free to journalists…

I find it interesting that most mainstream media is pronouncing Carly Fiorina the winner of last night’s CNN facilitated Republican debate. Today the Drudge Report Poll is showing trump the winner by an enormous margin (over half a million respondents).

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