You have probably heard enough about these laws. But, the depth of the deceit in these laws is escaping many of those writing about SOPA, PIPA, and OA. Some creators and merchants in SL actually support SOPA, PIPA, and/or OA, which I see as shooting their own foot.

It is reasonable to want to protect one’s intellectual property and ownership rights. It is a basic tenet of freedom to protect private property. Without such protection things devolve into anarchy and poverty. It’s a basic lesson of history.

One should research the facts and make up their mind if they are to support SOPA, PIPA, and OA or not. The best analysis and explanation of the proposed laws I’ve seen is Gwyneth Llewelyn’s article: SOPA/PIPA revisited. Please read the article. Gwyn has taken the intellectual step to reason beyond the surface of the issue and look at how the proposed laws can be misused.





2 thoughts on “SOPA, PIPA, and OA

    • Ok… next time I’ll trash you just to keep things balanced… (teasing)

      It is a well written and most importantly well thought through article. Everyone in SL should read it.

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