Second Life – Sansar – VR – Hy-Fy – Liberals

Hamlet has an article about an article written by Rowland Manthorpe… respectively named; Gods & Devils: Wired UK’s Rowland Manthorpe on What He Learned by Writing About Sansar, High Fidelity… and Palmer Luckey’s Trump Support and Second Life was just the beginning. Philip Rosedale is back and he’s delving into VR.

La vie en rose

La vie en rose

The Rowland article is worth your time to read. It is interesting in several ways. If you are a post-Rosedale (SL founder) SL’er then you’ll get some idea of Second Life’s history and what Rosedale was doing and hopping to build.  Continue reading

Second Life & Sansar in the News

Massively Overpowered (MO) posted: These Are The Companies That Are Trying To Build The Metaverse. While Linden Lab (214+ employees) is mentioned so is their competition; Altspace VR (20± employees), Facebook, and High Fidelity (). It seems Comcast and the Japanese company Tencent are investing in Altspace.

{ Down in the holler }

Down in the holler

Palmer Luckey is mentioned as talking about it being harder to abusive in VR than in the current 3D virtual worlds we have now. MO doesn’t exactly point us to where it is Palmer is talking. But, their article is inspired by an article on Re/code and they quote Palmer, “Virtual reality will make it a lot harder to be a total dick to somebody online.” Re/code says Philip Rosedale, co-founder of Second Life™ and CEO of High Fidelity, agrees.  Continue reading

High Fidelity – What will we use it for?

Jason Dorrier writing for Singularity Hub, a site covering and analyzing technology, has an article up titled What Is the Metaverse? The real question he asks in the article is, what are we going to do with the metaverse?

While Jason published his article May 21 (today), he used this video from February 2015 to illustrate what a virtual world (VW) looks like.

Jason points out that the HyFy world is an open world and will be filled with whatever people create. I suppose that is somewhat a novel idea for those unfamiliar with Second Life™.  Continue reading

Next Generation Platform-SL2: The Avatars

Everyone is curious about what the avatars in the Next Generation Platform (NGP), or SL2, will be like and what we can do with them. Now we have some clues. High Fidelity is working on their avatars and has just release a set of improvements. See: Creating and rigging an avatar with Blendshapes in Makehuman. The information is somewhat compatible with the current Second Life™ and I suspect a hint of what is coming for SL2 or the Next Generation Platform.

This is a great video for designers. You’ll find references to a number software tools I have not heard mentioned in relation to Second Life. Some of those look to be handy for SL. Continue reading