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Hamlet has an article about an article written by Rowland Manthorpe… respectively named; Gods & Devils: Wired UK’s Rowland Manthorpe on What He Learned by Writing About Sansar, High Fidelity… and Palmer Luckey’s Trump Support and Second Life was just the beginning. Philip Rosedale is back and he’s delving into VR.

La vie en rose

La vie en rose

The Rowland article is worth your time to read. It is interesting in several ways. If you are a post-Rosedale (SL founder) SL’er then you’ll get some idea of Second Life’s history and what Rosedale was doing and hopping to build. 

Hamlet sees a contrast between High-Fidelity founder and CEO Philip Rosedale and Second Life/Sansar CEO Ebbe Altberg. Philip being about dreams and Ebbe being about practical usability and giving people what they want. Hamlet thinks neither can work saying, “Neither approach is right, but it really shapes what they’re producing.” Don’t read too much into what Hamlet says. He may just be pointing out that a diet of pure dream or pure user ‘wants’ runs into problems. I think it takes some mix of the two as well as other things to make things work.

I doubt either CEO can completely achieve their goals. Only time will tell.

An interesting point is the idea that High-Fidelity users will set up their own servers. Ebbe rightly asks who does that? Well, OpenSim users do. But, we’ve seen how that works… or doesn’t. I even set up my own 9 regions in OSGrid. It wasn’t easy.

We have seen companies trying to run grids as SL runs theirs. The company sets up the servers and rents them out at way low prices. But, that has never taken off either. It still isn’t that easy and after you learn to run the server, whether you or a hosting company sets it up, you still have to learn how OpenSim regions and viewers work.

The OpenSim grids are deserted and few people play there. OpenSim is a great place to test things built for Second life. Beats using the Linden preview grid, unless you need to test complex script timings.

As Ebbe points out, we don’t setup much of anything to use Facebook, Google+, Plurk, Twitter, and whatever. Open an account and go.

Philip sees High-Fidelity as being like the Internet, not a hosted service. I take it that Philip is ignoring the backbone providers and Domain naming services that are hosted services that enable the Internet. It gets really fuzzy as to who is doing what and how people will use it. But, Philip may be able to provide the virtual world services that enable the Hy-Fy world and make it work while we pay for the computers running the worlds in our homes and businesses.

Ebbe, mean while, is building something like SL where users don’t have to deal with servers and technical stuff. My perception is a huge number of SL users are unaware that server and viewer software is updated weekly, almost weekly. When we the last time the Facebook system updated? I don’t know.

Did you notice Hamlet slamming Luckey because he supports Trump. No tolerance or acceptance of diversity to be found in Hamlet. Nor does he make any mention of Hillary paying people to start violence at rump rallies. See: Inciting violence, voter fraud, and Hillary Directly Involved (Ducks).

If you support Trump then no matter how bright, gifted, or contributing to the social wellbeing you are in other areas, the Left cannot tolerate or permit your beliefs. You are a bigoted racist. I think it is becoming clear and clear who the bigoted, intolerant, racists are.

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  1. Particular to your comment on Palmer Luckey, it does not help that Luckey was funding racist troll memes – HOWEVER – I feel that conflating the success (or lack thereof) of one VR product with another, particularly with respect to Luckey’s own indiscretion, as was touched on in the NWN post – is rather shortsighted.

    More generally, I agree that Clinton’s campaign is also quite problematic and if I lived in the States & had the right to vote there, I would likely have voted for a more progressive candidate, however these two main candidates are who the US is stuck with at this point.

    There are going to be people who support one side or the other for a wide variety of reasons. That does not make them bigoted, intolerant or racist in and of itself – HOWEVER – these lines do get blurry when the candidate being supported is openly and actively espousing xenophobic, anti-immigrant, mysogynist agenda.

    Trump has himself publicly called for physical violence against others from his own convention attendees, saying he would pay their legal bills should they arise. He has implied that ‘Second Amendment people’ should take things in to their own hands, should an undesirable election result occur. He has discounted allegations of sexual assault, in some cases by denigrating his accusers’ appearance and diminishing their claims because of it. I could go on and on. All of these cases are widely documented – he said these things during live coverage of his primary convention and now official election campaigns.

    As a human being, even if all eight sexual assault accusations were proven to be false, this guy fails, hard.

    Even if you believe that his bigoted, intolerant and racist behaviour can (or should) be divorced from his proposed policies (which are general at best and horrific at worst), he does not have a solid plan in place to make positive change happen and has on six occasions demonstrated that he is incapable of managing business to avoid bankruptcy. How then, can he promise not to do the same to his country?

    • Regarding “…Luckey was funding racist troll memes…” You seem to have missed the point. Find one of the mimes posted by Luckey that is racist. Many are funny and most are rude, but racist? Don’t try to show me where people have said they are racist. There is plenty of that but, what propagandists say and the facts are quite different.

      Soros and Clinton have been caught funding groups that have instigated violence. Look through the raw Project Veritas footage. Trump is still just talking. Which is a bigger problem? Talking or doing?

      Remember. segregation, Jim Crow, ‘separate but equal’, and pro-slavery positions are all basic long time Democrat dogma. Some of the leading Dems in the 80’s were still high members in the KKK. While the Dems claim they are for the little guy and minorities, the areas controlled the longest by Dems have the worst living and education conditions for minorities. It appears to me they have not changed. They have learned to talk a better line and the media helps them but, they are still what they were.

      To say Trump has called for violence is a matter of inference. Chase down the actual words and in-context-video. But, Hillary’s paying for people to pay and bus people in to start fights is NOT inference.

      Bankruptcies… which ones failed and why? Did you look it up or take someone’s words on it? Is he bankrupt now? No. So, obviously, he knows how to recover from a bankruptcy.

      America is very close to bankrupt. It is part of all socialist plans in a free market country to bankrupt the free market system and take control. Why else would Obama add $10 trillion to the US debit and double the number of people needing well fair all while opening the borders and bringing in cheap labor?

      Trump has plans economy. They are on his web site. So, who did you believe that lied to you? They are similar to Kennedy’s and Reagan’s plans that improved the American economy.

      On the sexual stuff… Hillary jumped to Bill’s defense when Lewinsky claimed to have had sex with Bill. Called her names and did all she could to discredit her. Did Hillary ever apologize when DNA proved Lewinsky was telling the truth? No.

      How many times has the opposition been caught after the election to have been telling lies and bringing out fake witnesses in the last 2 months of the election process? People still fall for it.

      My point is the Left side of our politics only talks moral high ground, tolerance, diversity, and racial equality. They demonstrate having solidly adopted Alinsky’s ‘the ends justify the means’. Alinsky even brags about misleading those he was organizing. So, lying is no problem. Why would you believe what they say?

      Luckey took a position unsupported by the media. The media tramples his free speech rights and people go along with it. …and the majority of Germans followed Hitler. It should be obvious were the ‘progressives’ are taking us. Freedom will be a thing of the past.

      Trump’s redeeming quality is he is outside the political establishment. Dems and Repub’s don’t want him in. So, it will be the people that put him in.

      • As I said earlier, the Clinton campaign is not without its issues. I am well aware of the grey area in which she sits; by and large, I am not a Clinton supporter. I’ve already mentioned I would have preferred a different candidate. That said, to address some of your points:

        Social programs will bankrupt America? Well, speaking as someone who lives to your North and enjoys just such social programs and more, no, we’re not bankrupt. We’re doing alright. We don’t cover everything here, but there are countries that do and quite often to great positive effect (Norway, for example). We exist in a space where caring for a broken leg (hospital time, X-rays, cast) costs $24 for crutch rental, whereas in some states you’d be looking at upwards of $2500 out of pocket. Tax cuts won’t help your country avoid bankruptcy, particularly the kind that benefit the rich yet continue to punish the poor. He proposes to collect $4.4 trillion less in government income over a decade yet hasn’t discussed how to make that back, considering no change in spending on pensions or health care – both of which are areas due to expand significantly over that same period. He proposes “negotiators whose goal will be to win for America” when it comes to trade deals but doesn’t spell out what that win would be. He proposes significant tariffs on international products but doesn’t explain how he proposes to remain competitive in an international market that would have to react to such tariffs; likely in the form of equivocal tariffs against American-made goods.

        Bankruptcies? Five of them were casinos. How does one casino end up filing for bankruptcies, let alone FIVE? Well, it happens when you offset your personal debts to it while collecting millions in salary and bonuses. It happens when you deliberately borrow money at such high interest rates that you’re doomed to fail. Who is left holding the bag? Stock and bondholders who lose more than $1.5Billion.

        The NYT breaks it down in great detail here:

        There is ample evidence – straight from his own mouth – of Trump inciting of violence. Beatings at his rallies occurred, they were widely covered, he encouraged them. You want evidence?

        Mashable broke it down here in March:

        The New York Times posted this compilation a few days later:

        Since then, a Trump advisor has endorsed violence against Clinton – that she should be put in a firing line and shot for treason ( )- a self-described ‘patriot’ Trump supporter, has vowed to ‘take Clinton out’ ( and there are many other on-the-ground examples . So yes, Trump DOES incite violence.

        You criticize Clinton for defending her husband against Lewinsky’s allegations of an affair, yet fail to mention Lewinsky maintains – to this day – the affair was consensual.

        Trump? He’s admitted to a modus operandi of sexual assault – non-consensual sexual contact – towards women. On tape. It’s not locker room talk – there are complaints to back it up. A lot of them. During a deposition for their divorce, Ivana Trump has even detailed having her hair ripped out and being raped by him in retribution for a hair-plug treatment gone wrong. Rachel Crooks. Jessica Leeds. Mindy McGillivray. Natasha Stoynoff. Kristin ANderson. Summer Zervos. Cathy Heller. Jennifer Murphy. Karen Virginia. Jill Harth. Look them up. They all come from different backgrounds. All of them have put themselves at risk by speaking out about their own experiences of assault from this man and the history behind some of these accusations spans back farther than his campaign.

        He has HIMSELF admitted, on radio, to perving over beauty pageant contestants in dressing rooms and joked about having to wait until young girls grow older so he can marry them.

        He legitimizes fraud, hate, misogyny, violence and sexual assault, and incites it in others. He is serially misinformed ( ), routinely says one thing, then claims he never said it when called on it later (

        If he is ‘for the people’ it is only because he ran his primary campaign by changing his platform from state to state according to what would get him the most votes. At one time he called to “declare independence from the elites who’ve led us to one financial and foreign policy disaster after another”, yet his campaign now calls to tax the rich less and he’s done nothing to hide the fact that he has those same elite policy interests in his pocket. He was quite eager to claim the NRA this past debate and he doesn’t care about getting corporate money out of politics.

        Let’s get back to labels, which is what sparked my response to your post to begin with.

        Pointing out this individual’s platform as hateful, bigoted and intolerant is not in and of itself hateful, bigoted or intolerant; in this case, it happens to be true, for all of the reasons cited above (and more). If you/others can’t (or won’t) see this, I’m very sorry for the waste of your/their intellect. If you don’t want to be labelled as one of these things, maybe don’t support a candidate whose platform is all about these things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • “Social programs will bankrupt America?” – You misunderstood or you are spinning. It isn’t the social programs that are the problem.

          Norway is often used as an example of socialist ideals working. It isn’t. It is an example of a free market funding the social agenda. If they were not selling oil into a free market, their social spending would have been impossible.

          You say tax cuts won’t avoid bankruptcy. Kennedy and Reagan disagreed with you and both cut rates and fueled fast, large recoveries that reduced debit. Do you remember when Bill Clinton was campaigning on the idea he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $250k? What did he actually do? Hillary is telling the same lie.

          Trump has talked about his tax cuts and he has talked about how to raise tax income. So, whoever your listening to, you need to find a better source of information. You keep saying ‘he doesn’t explain’. We know Hillary is pro TPP, “…the gold standard…” and open borders. She lies. All trump needs to do is enforce the existing trade laws and keep a level playing field.

          You know the talking points from the Left on the Trump bankruptcies. But, you don’t appear to have researched the facts.

          You are actually going to quote the way biased and often lying NYT? MSNBC has been caught in so many lies no one can keep track. How about Project Veritas where they are capturing video and making raw footage available? Hillary was paying people to go there and start fights. The beaters and beaten were a collection of mentally ill and paid thugs bused in by the Clinton campaign. Hillary’s people were bragging about it and got caught on video.

          Trump is a male pig. But, he isn’t a rapist. You are still buying into an October Surprise and thinking it is for real.

          You misunderstood or you are trying to spin what I said about Hillary defending Bill. I didn’t criticize her defense of Bill. I criticized her failure to apologize to Lewinsky when the truth came out then being a hypocrite and pointing a finger because he wouldn’t apologize for what she says he said.

          You infer he incites hate, violence, etc. because people are telling you he does and they provide video out of context and misquote him. But, Clinton doesn’t just incite, she pays people to engage in violence. The media is covering it up by failing to report on it.

          You consistently quote far Left news media. So, I’m not surprised you hold the opinions and beliefs you do. But, I tend to go with ‘under oath’ testimony and vetted statements where I can read the context.

          Your reasons for seeing Trump as hateful, bigoted, intolerant, etc. all comes from Left biased media and propaganda. Mine comes from watching Congressional hearings where people are under oath, CSPAN, and WikiLeaks. Also, a number of European and English speaking Arabic papers.

          There is a reason the Clinton campaign and the Left are not denying the emails being released. In basic Alinsky fashion they attack the messenger not the facts. So, many people have been involved in these emails, they are impossible to deny. Too many witnesses.

          You think I miss use my intelligence because I dig past the popular propaganda and you don’t. You even point out that the reasons above (all the Left-wing-in-the -tank-media) are why what you think is true. You are so lost in this you forgot the point I made initially, that one cannot believe differently than you without being labeled racist and etc. regardless of one’s actual nature/beliefs and actually came out and said it…

          Try reading Drudge Report for a week… wake up.

          • Wow Nalates, just wow. Suffice it to say your postings have been eye-opening and eyebrow-raising. It really seems you have an opinion that won’t change regardless of what facts are presented; clearly Trump is the man for you and anyone saying otherwise will trigger a knee-jerk reaction, so I’d rather not waste your time or mine any further. Have a nice day.

            • Like Alinsky says, when you can’t attack the facts, attack the person you disagree with or run away. Your response sounds like pure transference.

              You have only offered talking points supplied by the Left-side media. You think MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow offers facts?

     – Listen to the whole 4 minutes. You can then go look up the actual laws to see with your own research who lied. Also, notice how many of your pointed-to-sources repeated the same lie.


     – So embarrassing MSNBC had the video taken down. Anyone that knows Ann Coulter knows she is not a comedian. Too many people were pointing to the video clip to reveal Maddow’s true nature. See Google on Coulter:

              Left-side media relies on you being too lazy to dig past the propaganda. Because I refuse to accept as facts what proven liars are saying I have a closed mind and do knee-jerk? I think you have it backward. But, run away and avoid facts.

              Thanks for demonstrating the point of my comment in the article. I appreciate your time.

              PS: For an overall look at how bad the people are you have been quoting take a look at Stossel’s article: – You can research the issues just as he did and figure out who is lying.

            • Other than as part of a URL for an article she didn’t write,I didn’t mention Rachel Maddow at all. I don’t have cable, I don’t watch her show. The fact that you are so fixated on her is fascinating to say the least. The fact that you are conflating my posts with her and persecution of Ann Coulter (whom I also never mentioned) is so far out of left-field – it illustrates a kind of kneejerk sycophancy that is not so much unwilling to look beyond self-imposed blinders as unable, and for that cognitive impairment, you have my sympathy.

              This will be my last post on the matter. I’ve not run away, I am simply acknowledging that there is no point addressing you further on this matter because you’ve already proved my point.

              Good day 🙂

            • I’m not fixated on Maddow. You linked to her words and then pointed to her as a basis for your beliefs. I’m pulling the foundation from under your ‘facts’.

              I’m not conflating. You are again missing my point or spinning it. I pointed out why I am not accepting you ideas. Ann is an example of Maddow lying. Stossel has an excellent article on the BS your quoted sources are peddling.

              Stop posting or run away, about the same thing on the Internet. You think you have proved I won’t change my mind. No, that is just illogical. What you proved is my point that liberals/progressives will call anyone that disagrees with them names and think of them as having no basis of their viewer other than racism, bigotry, hate, etc. While I have shown you your sources are lying and misleading you. You can’t debate that, so you stop posting. Typical liberal.

              I do appreciate your time.

  2. Hi Natales thanks for all the news

    There are copyright differences it seems when you set up your own server.
    If i did understand it correctly using your own hosted Hifi server would for instance allow you to use unity asset store content. Mind you just the mesh and texture side since scripting is very different.

    Kind regards

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