AvaStar Videos 2017 w19

We are still on version avastar-2RC7_blender-2-77.

There is a new video out (5/8) showing how to handle Bind Poses wjen working with the Classic avatar and Fitted Mesh clothes.

There is a slightly older video showing how to use the new Bento capable AvaStar to create Tinys and Giants.

Blender 2.8 Peek

The release of the next version of Blender is getting close. The video below is a look at one of the new features, being able to work in the render-viewport. Nice. I’m not sure it is useful yet…

You can get nightly builds of 2.78d (in beta) and 2.8 here: Blender Builder.

AvaStar-Blender: Switching from IK to FK and Back

Medhue streamed a tutorial this weekend. He was showing how to switch between IK and FK animating. In September 2014 I was facing that problem and posted a tutorial titled: Blender-AvaStar Animation IK/FK Tip because I couldn’t find any tutorials saying how to change between the two animating styles.

I think the video is a way better tutorial on switching between the two styles than my old ‘text’ tutorial.


Second Life Animation: Priorities

Medhue Simoni is doing a live stream YouTube presentation on Second Life™ subjects. You can catch his previous live streams, now videos, on his YouTube channel.

For now he plans to start a stream between 8 and 9 AM SLT. I caught this one live. YouTube provides a live chat channel to go with the stream.

I think Medhue is winging it through the presentations, extemporaneous. There are sufficient and-huh’s, a bit of ramble, and several false starts. But, the information is good. Scripting the presentation, working from an outline, and quick rehearsals all before the live presentation can greatly improve it. But, it is more work. Continue reading

Second Life Animation: BVH vs ANIM

There are two formats of animation file used in Second Life™. Which one to use? Medhue gives us his take on the two formats.

Basically, ANIM avoids the SL Import Program’s gotchas.

Medhue talks about animation priorities, for the overall animation and/or for each individual bone.

Bone translation has additional options in ANIM. If you aren’t familiar with the idea of bone translation, think bone placement.


Photoshop 2017: Bump, Normal, and Depth Maps

How Bump, Normal, and Depth Maps are created in Photoshop changed in 2017 CC. I hadn’t noticed until I needed to make a normal map. Then I stumbled across this video while checking to see if NVIDIA’s normal map tool would work with the newest 2017 CC.

The video uses the 3D mode. When creating mesh from bump map as shown PS isn’t exactly polygon efficient, but for use in PS and texture creation that isn’t an issue. For a 100+ brick wall PS made just under 500,000 vertices and 977,000 faces, which is way too heavy for Second Life(TM).

I’m playing with Photoshop’s 3D and deciding if I can use it for some of the things I want to make. My choices seem to be PS, Blender, and Sculptris… or to spend money… For work I have Adobe’s suite of apps. But, increasing my monthly software rental cost or spending US$800 or more for a 3D painting app isn’t something I want to do.

So, I’m painting in all three and trying to figure out how easily put fine detail into things I want to make for my Slink body.

What app do you use for making finely detailed textures for clothes in SL?


AvaStar: MakeHuman or Manuel Bastioni?

I noticed Machinimatrix posting a video on how to integrate Manuel Bastioni with AvaStar. BElow is an image link to the video as it won’t display embedded here. Sheeesh..

So, what is Manuel Bastioni? It is an open source character generator for Blender. Seems it is competition for MakeHuman. The download is here: Manuel BastioniContinue reading