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The development team building Imprudence started work on a new viewer Kokua. They were attempting to maintain Imprudence and build the new viewer. With limited resources working on both slowed development of both. It also seemed to me to be burning out the developers. Whatever the case, during the last of 2011 and January the team took some time off.

This year the team has been deciding what to do and how to move forward. Open meetings made it clear the community wanted the new viewer, Kokua. Not everyone wants the new viewer. Some remain Imprudence fans and have no desire to change to the new viewer. There are also developers that want to develop Imprudence. Others want to develop the new Kokua.

One per son working with Imprudence development but not part if the Imprudence team is Onefang Rejected. The Kokua-Imprudence team is welcoming him as a member. He will be the lead developer for Imprudence.

This coming Sunday, 2/26, at 12:00 PST/SLT the team will have an open meeting in Hoagie, 3rd Rock Grid. The team is looking for additional volunteers to help with development of Imprudence. Some decisions on how to proceed with Imprudence are likely to be made.

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