Second Life News 2018 w24


We have a Deploys post this week. It says there is no roll to the main channel this week.



The RC channels Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum will al roll to version #

The changes are similar to an earlier version of the package;

  • Additional work to support localized Abuse Report categories
  • Shaved a few nanoseconds off a check for each object update, as part of ongoing performance improvements
  • Stopped logging a trivial message
  • Additional Internal fixes

We’ve seen the RC channels ‘un-roll’ the next day a couple of times. So, we can hope this one sticks.

There is work on vehicle region crossing problems. A recent change antidotally seems to have made fast crossings better and slow crossings worse. No quantitative data to evaluate on… Continue reading

Deals in Second Life

FabFree is talking about some great sales going on this month. Magika, a hair and clothes maker, is putting their old sculpty hair on sale as they close it out and move on to mesh hair. Single do’s go for L$35 and fat packs for L$100. So, the place is crowded.

Krissie Snowdrop performing - 2014

Krissie Snowdrop performing – 2014

Magika has some fun looking matching hair and tails made from mesh.

Magika’s new mesh hair is on display too, on the opposite side from the non-mesh hair.  Continue reading