Deals in Second Life

FabFree is talking about some great sales going on this month. Magika, a hair and clothes maker, is putting their old sculpty hair on sale as they close it out and move on to mesh hair. Single do’s go for L$35 and fat packs for L$100. So, the place is crowded.

Krissie Snowdrop performing - 2014

Krissie Snowdrop performing – 2014

Magika has some fun looking matching hair and tails made from mesh.

Magika’s new mesh hair is on display too, on the opposite side from the non-mesh hair. 

So, now I have a couple of new do’s and of course some demo’s to check out.

Kastle Rock has a sale going on, or had, for Fifty Linden Friday. It is worth a trip to the store just to see their promotional art. Look around and you’ll find the ‘On Sale’ room. Dresses going for L$300 can be found there for L$60. The color selection is limited, but if you like the color on sale, it is a deal.

You can join The Pirate Hunt 4: Skull & Bones while you are at Kastle Rock.

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