Second Life News 2018 w24


We have a Deploys post this week. It says there is no roll to the main channel this week.



The RC channels Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum will al roll to version #

The changes are similar to an earlier version of the package;

  • Additional work to support localized Abuse Report categories
  • Shaved a few nanoseconds off a check for each object update, as part of ongoing performance improvements
  • Stopped logging a trivial message
  • Additional Internal fixes

We’ve seen the RC channels ‘un-roll’ the next day a couple of times. So, we can hope this one sticks.

There is work on vehicle region crossing problems. A recent change antidotally seems to have made fast crossings better and slow crossings worse. No quantitative data to evaluate on…

There was discussion about llTargetOmega() rotation of large objects failing. Rotating items stop when they should continue rotating. No fix or workaround. Simon Linden doesn’t know when they might get around to looking at it.


The main viewer is AKA, the Love Me Render RC. It rolled out in week 23 ( and there were issues with it doing a repeated install for 32-bit users. Users were caught in an update, login, log off, next login they got the same ‘update’ message and repeated.

I am confused on what the deal is with the update and the addition of an Unloop RC viewer. The release notes give me no clue.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Released week #23.

Second Life Unloop Viewer version ­ A new release to solve an update problem. The Lindens describe it as:

The Unloop Viewer Release is a special release just for Windows 32-bit systems who were caught in an endless loop of 64-bit viewer updates between 5/31/2018 and 6/1/2018. Except for its incremented build number, it is in every other way, identical to the last release. Love Me Render.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – Released week #16.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #14.

There is a Content Creators’ UG meeting 6/14 @ 1PM SLT. It is confusing as to WHERE they will meet. The Wiki says ADITI but the group has been meeting in AGNI in Hippotropolis. I suggest you log into AGNI and look at the region to see if there is a group there. Teleport and then look at your mini map to find the group.

The Web UG doesn’t meet until 6/27.

The Third-Party Dev UG meets 6/15. I think this is where we get our best information on the viewer pipeline.

Third Party Viewers

Black Dragon – Starting June 7 there have been a series of updates; 3.1.3, 3.1.4, and 3.1.5.

The article on 3.1.3 provides the most information on what is new or different in these updates.

Selection highlighting is a big part of the update. We’ll see similar updates coming to the Linden viewer. NiranV just has it out the door early with experimental options.

The Intel HD Graphics problems have been overcome with the 3.1.3 version of Black Dragon.

The Poser has improvements. Bones are grouped in sections. The hope is it will make it more obvious what a bone affects than just its name. I think it also helps a great deal when looking for a bone.

If you are into pie menus, there is a fix that improves them when you use a font size other than 1.0.

The 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 are minor fixes to changes in the 3.1.3 version.

Cool VL Viewer updated yesterday to version (Link) The changes include addition of and implementation of the Axon (Linden name – I think) Viewer’s dynamic bounding box calculations.

Firestorm – The rush of wiki updates has subsided. No leaks on ETA for next version.

Other News

Ryan Schultz is consistently providing news on Steals, Deals, and Freebies in SL. Rezology hair is currently on sale for L$25± in the SL Marketplace. Dang… just a couple of weeks ago I bought the ‘Sparks’ box braids… Visit Ryan for the link.

I am surprised how much of Rezology’s stuff is on sale… like everything? Alternate Rezology link.


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