Escaping Censorship

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others are censoring more and more of what is posted. It is their platforms, which are privately owned, so they have a right to do that. I don’t have to like it. I can go elsewhere. But, where?

Here is an alternative.

Many people remain terrified of Covid-19 and think everyone needs to hide. They insist everyone wear a mask, distance, and scrub everything anyone touches with bleach/chlorine.

It is no surprise when media is suppressing the opinion of all those doctors, epidemiologist, researchers, and statisticians that disagree. CoVid-19 is worse than the typical seasonal flu… for OLD PEOPLE. For almost 100% of everyone else a common cold is worse than CoVid. But, you’ll never learn that from the corporate media. The American CDC says masks and handwashing are NOT substantial preventatives for influenza. But, you won’t hear that from politicians or the corporate media.

Where does one go to find out this stuff?

The Internet is still the domain of free speech. It is also the soapbox for nuts, idiots, and morons. You can pull pertinent and rational facts from the Internet. But, one has to be able to tell the difference from facts and legitimate information versus the disinformation prepared by governments with unlimited resources, the hype prepared as click-bait, and the dramatic claims of the sincere but mislead useful fools. And there are conspiracy stories everywhere you turn.

It is not an easy task sorting out what is real and what is hype, disinformation, propaganda, or just stupid lies. Take my earlier reference to ‘worse for old people’.

A bit of digging through alternative media, a combination of Left and Right-leaning, is a good starting place. Anything not part of the corporate talking points crowd. Then start looking at their sources. It is pretty easy to verify that point… sort of.

But, how much worse? And are you sure? Research until you are exhausted. You’ll find we don’t actually know. The numbers suggest it is worse for old people, 65 or 70+. But things have been done to skew those numbers. A number of US states, New York most prominently, declared nursing homes for old people MUST accept recovering CoVid-19 patients being kicked out of hospitals to make room for the flood of new CoVid patients that never came. So, they purposefully exposed what they claimed is the most susceptible demographic. Would CoVid-19 really be worse than the seasonal flu if states hadn’t deliberately exposed the most susceptible? We will never know.

And notice that every state that did this was a Democrat controlled state.

Investigative reporters are digging out all the facts. Media is suppressing their effort. But with some effort, we can find most of those facts.

Try watching OANN, Newsmax, or BlazeTV. Read Breitbart, John Solomon, Sara Carter, John Stossel, Mark Levin, Townhall, and other Right-leaning outlets and sources. It will balance the Left-leaning corporate media; ABC, CBS, CNN, FNC, MSNBC, and NBC. Then check what they are saying and find the unedited videos of those the quote. Figure out which sources usually spin and lie and which get you actual verifiable information and facts.

Consider the alternatives like LBRY (video above) and MEWE (article).

3 thoughts on “Escaping Censorship

  1. This is stupid and dangerously irresponsible.

    You are far too immersed in your own politics, which would be fine if it didn’t end up hurting other people.

    You make me sad.

  2. Hm. I wonder if, after three months, you still stick to your vision, and are still recommending people to read/watch extremist right-wing propaganda channels/articles as a source for the ‘balanced truth’…

    4500+ words is too much for comments. I rely in email.

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