Politics: The Memo is Released

In America, we have an aversion to government intrusion into our lives and business. Our basic idea is each human is a free sovereign answering only to a higher supernatural power and we Americans join in a political union to form a government that serves the people, not rules, and laws we all agree to live under. This necessitates a need for our government to be transparent and open to investigation by its citizens.

The nature of humans to have diverse agendas and beliefs complicates the process. A need to protect information from those that would use it to harm us or use it to abuse others for personal gain and yet remain an open and free society greatly complicates the government process. Thus, a complicated weave of laws controlling a government run by our elected representatives is supposed to strive to keep us safe and abide by our, the people’s, decisions and will.

Our system has designated selected people to exercise the investigative and overwatch duties. The Memo is the result of these duties and oversight. The information is now being released to the public for all citizens, and the world, to read. Continue reading

A Liberal Tells Us why Trump Won

A friend of my dad’s sent this to him. He emailed a link to me. 😛

I won’t put the video on my site because of the language. But, here is the link: President Trump: How & Why…

Johnathan Pie

Johnathan Pie

The speaker is Jonathan Pie, a spoof reporter created by British actor and comedian Tom Walker. Very much a British style Colbert Report thing.

He nails it to the wall… but, I doubt the Liberals/Dems supporting Hillary will understand. I’m impressed because a Liberal is taking responsibility for the Hillary loss.

Second Life and the US Election

For months, I’ve been debating people about Clinton and Trump in another arena. I voted against Clinton. With 17 candidates on the Republican side, I thought I would vote for someone. Didn’t happen.

You Say Potato

You Say Potato

For the last eight years, I’ve watched polls, the big kid polls… Pew, Rasmussen, etc. Brexit, the last few US elections, and other elections in various countries, all are proving the polls and media wrong, again and again. So, what’s with the polls and media?  Continue reading

NSA, Google, and Games

Within the SL Blogospher several people are writing about the NSA listening to players in Second Life™ and other games like World of Warcraft™. Well, they are listening to our phones, reading our emails, tracking our Internet use (notice how often Google comes up in the results) and tracking our GPS locations. It should be no surprise that they are inside our games and listening to  us.

I’ll paint you the really dark picture of what is most likely happening.

The security teams are looking for any way that terrorists and bad guys can communicate. If that was all the information was used for, it would not be a problem. But, they are limited by law in the USA and they are breaking it. If they are willing to break one law for a supposed good reason, they will have little if any resistance to breaking others for what they consider good reasons. But, they are still breaking the law, something politically active citizens shape.  Continue reading

US ambassador: Internet fee proposal gaining momentum

Treaties are moving forward to give control of the Internet to the UN. U.S.  Amb. Terry Kramer is quoted by Brendan Sasso.

Brendan Sasso  in and article on The Hill says, “The proposal by the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association could force websites like Google, Facebook and Netflix to pay fees to network operators around the world.

Democrats and Republicans in the United States are united against proposals to increase international control of the Internet. Congress passed a non-binding resolution earlier this year urging the United States delegation to ‘promote a global Internet free from government control and preserve and advance the successful multi-stakeholder model that governs the Internet today.’

Mostly countries that are totalitarian in Africa and Arab nations are pushing this. But, poor countries see the fees as a source of income. I suspect some want to extend Sharia Law to control the Internet, something women everywhere should oppose.

Continue reading