Politics: The Memo is Released

In America, we have an aversion to government intrusion into our lives and business. Our basic idea is each human is a free sovereign answering only to a higher supernatural power and we Americans join in a political union to form a government that serves the people, not rules, and laws we all agree to live under. This necessitates a need for our government to be transparent and open to investigation by its citizens.

The nature of humans to have diverse agendas and beliefs complicates the process. A need to protect information from those that would use it to harm us or use it to abuse others for personal gain and yet remain an open and free society greatly complicates the government process. Thus, a complicated weave of laws controlling a government run by our elected representatives is supposed to strive to keep us safe and abide by our, the people’s, decisions and will.

Our system has designated selected people to exercise the investigative and overwatch duties. The Memo is the result of these duties and oversight. The information is now being released to the public for all citizens, and the world, to read.

You will hear a tremendous amount of discussion about the nature of The Memo in the coming days. I strongly suggest you read the four-page memo and the two-page cover letter. Then you will be able to tell who is lying to you. There will a massive number of lies told in the media and from politicians mouths. You will need some means of knowing who is or isn’t lying.

The Memo shows how parties acted to blatantly abuse their authority and powers to circumvent our democratic representative system and disenfranchise voters. In the coming weeks, we will see, at least, some of the supporting evidence being released.

You can find The Memo in numerous places. The Axios website posted it about 9:30 AM PT this morning.

The Memo

In American news, it is common place knowledge that the DNC did conspire to eliminate Bernie Sanders as the Democrat Party’s nominee in the 2016 election. Whether there were illegal acts in the elimination process is debatable as the DNC is NOT a government agency and its rules and regulations are considered a private company’s policies. Not law.

There is no doubt the acts removed the choice of candidate from the hands of the people and placed it in the hands of those at the top of the Clinton and DNC power structure. Whether legally or not it was/is and ethical abuse of democratic principles. People lost their jobs.

The Memo reveals how government was misused in an attempt to facilitate the election of a candidate the elite power structure of Washington, D.C. and various bureaucrats preferred. They had no qualms about removing the choice from the hands of the people. They know better than you.

The issue is not whether you love or hate Trump, whether he should or should not be president. The issue is whether you want a free society and the right to vote. A democracy requires and honestly informed electorate. You cannot make a rational decision based on lies designed to manipulate your vote.

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