Mystery Booms and Bangs Around the World

I am curious. So, my interests are wide ranging. For years I’ve heard of unexplained booms and UFOs. (Now renamed Anomalous Aerial Vehicles – AAVs.) But, I have yet to find people providing realistic explanations or even good evidence. So, it is easy write these reports off as part of the conspiracy crowd’s enchantment. But, good evidence is mounting. Mostly due to the proliferation of cameras and microphones around the world.

The number of booms reported and RECORDED is increasing. So, something is making noise. Booms are common in SoCal. We have Camp Pendleton and their artillery practice. But, that doesn’t explain it for most of the world nor even all the booms in SoCal. The marines do not practice every day.

This is one of the more ‘reasonable’ sounding videos proclaiming we do not know. However, if one looks at the collection of videos posted in this channel… if your skepticism doesn’t jump to the red zone, you you likely should be classed as gullible.  

This next video… don’t watch it all… starts out sounding rational. When your ‘Oh No’ meter jumps you can stop it.

I included it as a good collection of the reports of booms. I think it also is a good example of how far out even rational sounding (at least for a bit) people can go.

The next video is by a sort of Internet celebrity, Dutchsince.

After watching this video are you noticing a trend? The people I would believe are saying we do not know. Those telling us they know… just aren’t credible and seem to have an agenda.

The neat looking global map is a product of Richard Wolton, see Earthquake 3D Live. There are free and paid (US$20) versions. In the video you are seeing the ‘paid’ version in use.

So, what are the booms?

If you chase down the various recordings people have captured and listen to them, you’ll know they are not all the same thing. Some are boom sounding, others more a crack like gun fire, others sound more like a trumpet, and others like someone banging on a huge sheet of metal. I think some sound like a SciFi movie monster.

I suspect there are various causes. Meteors entering the atmosphere generate booms and may be heard way beyond the area where they are visible. Lightening and upper atmospheric events make noise. Human activity makes all sorts of noise. Aircraft traveling at supersonic speeds for one.

Depending on atmospheric conditions sounds travel amazing distances. Especially the large air displacement sounds like lightening and explosions.

Do earthquakes make sounds? When they occur, we do. We may not feel the quake and still hear the sound. It depends on whether the quake made P or S waves in the ground.

All sound is caused by something moving air. Our ears detect vibrations in the air. Our challenge is figuring out what moved… In the case of quakes, moving earth, even the slightest movement, is detected by seismometers. Mountains have a problem trying to tiptoe. So, any earth movement that could move air is detected by them. So, pre-quake booms are not a thing.

With the amount of fake news, fake videos, and wackos the Internet and media expose us to, it becomes a real challenge to figure out what to believe.

While I believe the sounds are being heard and are real, I believe the coverage is mostly clickbait.

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