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Every so often my irritation with the news media boils over. This is one of the cases that blatantly exposes there is some agenda in the mainstream media. Whatever you may decide it is, it isn’t about saving the planet.

Rainforest Light and Shadow

Rainforest Light and Shadow

You’ll already know many think/believe Anthropomorphic Global Warming is a foregone factual conclusion and everyone agrees it is a HUGE problem. You know, 97% of scientists agree… Whether it is or not, of note is the father of the American Warming side of the debate, James Hansen, has just written an article on Renewable Energy you’ll likely never hear talked about by mainstream media

If you bother to read the article, Thirty years later, what needs to change in our approach to climate change – Boston Globe – June 27, 2018, you might think Hansen worked for President Trump. Whaaat!?!

Hansen slams the Paris Climate Accord and Kyoto Protocol both as wishful thinking and ineffective. Gosh. Where have we heard that before? Oh… you haven’t. Well, get out more.

Hansen is still a Warming Alarmist-Activist. So, one has to wonder why the media is silent on Hansen’s latest warnings. I mean he is still trying to save the world. Why wouldn’t media NOT point out the shortcomings of the Paris Climate Accord and Kyoto Protocol? Surely not just because Pres Trump did it first?

And then this Hansen quote from the Globe,

The notion that renewable energies and batteries alone will provide all needed energy is fantastical. It is also a grotesque idea, because of the staggering environmental pollution from mining and material disposal, if all energy was derived from renewables and batteries. Worse, tricking the public to accept the fantasy of 100 percent renewables means that, in reality, fossil fuels reign and climate change grows.

Shock – zOMG

So, if you are GREEN and wanting to save the planet… What do you do now? And who do you trust when your media sources and governments have been selling you a plan the original climate alarmist says absolutely won’t work and leads to future destruction?

And while Hansen makes numerous claims warming is horrible and happening too fast, when he was challenged and accused of faking his data pre-2017 he filed a defamation lawsuit. Good for him! Get the truth out there. Fox Mulder would be proud.

Oops… wait. The defendant fought back and Hansen refused to provide his ‘conclusive’ data, methods of calculation, models, and measurements. This was data obtained and analyzed on the government dime. So, it is public information. And why wouldn’t one provide it? Why not prove his point? Hansen presented a series of excuses for not providing the data and methodology. In the end that data was not provided and defamation charges were dropped by the judge.

It has to leave one wondering… Why not present the incontrovertible reasoning based on hard facts?

The recent claims of how hot it has been the weekend of July 7 abound. But, then there are those pesky old newspaper articles from a hundred plus years ago… In New York during 1901 the heat was more than the recent heatwave and people were dying. (Ref – Scroll down to see the NYT front page.)

And did you notice the recent big headlines were about the predictions not the actual temperatures? You may want to check that out.

Here in California the news is reporting record smashing temperatures. But, the time period they are looking at isn’t mentioned. You might want to check that out too.

With just a little skepticism one realizes something isn’t quite right with the media and climate and weather reporting.

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