Second Life – Content Creation UG Meeting 5/27/2017

…the Default Viewer. This is the viewer that will load more assets from the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Promotion depends on how well it does in Release Candidate (RC) testing. (TM 08:37) A question is asked if the new bake-system will work with Omega appliers. I’ll tell you, yes. But, Vir seems to have an odd idea of what Omega Appliers do, as evidenced by his comments. He is clear that the bake-engine is going to only bake diffuse textures. I… Continue reading

Second Life: Performance Changing

…s takes load from UDP and the region server-simulators and moves it to the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Shadow Puppets! We expect some degree of region performance improvement, especially in crowded regions with lots of avatars. But, there may be a cost for those on slow Internet connections. It is hard to estimate the impact on those with slow connections. But, there are things they can do if they see performance degrade. In Preferences, there… Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-46 #2

…Blood Letters 2014 CDN The rollouts to the RC Channels were tweaks to the Content Delivery Network (CDN). When Whirly Fizzle asked, “Are those CDN changes something users will notice?” Maetro Linden described them as: “No, it’s just a way to reconfigure the CDN URL if we need to. Eventually there’s a plan to make that point at a more ‘dynamic’ hostname, which is still being set up. However, there is some viewer work meant to address some of those… Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w12

…y were discussing the next coming package. It will have the change to CDN (Content Delivery Network) of more assets. Something is causing it to fail to grant capabilities to users. I could cam into a failed region but, not enter the region. You can test the package on Morris, I think it has the latest in that series. Fire Ants are also regions involved in testing. I can’t follow Mazidox Linden’s thinking, too many missing bits apparently assumed t… Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-40

…e two primary projects that have been works-in-progress for several weeks. Content Delivery Network – CDN is one of the projects. The point of CDN is to cache SL content in a server near you. Typically 20±ms away. Web sites have been using CDN for years. The SL system is now moving to use of CDN. Your avatar appearance already uses CDN and has for months. The World Map has been changed to use CDN. Both of the instances of CDN use are grid wide. Th… Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w14

…trics stats’. I think this is for the change to deliver more assets by the Content Delivery Network (CDN). They are collecting information pre-change to CDN. You’ll see the new viewer needed to support this change in the viewer’s list. The RC channels get a new package this week. The package is the same on all three RC channels. It adds support for a new option in the estate settings for allowing parcel owners to override the public access setting… Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w50

…re is no definitive understanding of what the problem is. Some suspect the Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the problem. Others think it is the seasonal load shopping places on the network. Whatever the problem, people are noticing the change. Along with the slowdown several older problems seem to be returning. Some are seeing the triangular mesh error notices and mesh download issues. See the Sl Forum thread: What is up with the servers? It was… Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Developer’s Meeting 2017 w7

…hing I couldn’t make out… will move from UDP to HTTP and be added into the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Once everyone is using HTTP for these, they will turn off and eventually remove the UDP delivery services from the simulators. We can expect some measure of performance improvement. The plan is to remove stuff that downloads files from simulator so it only has to simulate… The Firestorm people are talking about when to release the next versio… Continue reading