Second Life News 2017 w14

Caleb Linden sort of posts the new deploy information for server software. Those posts have gotten progressively shorter providing less and less information. We are down to it being a pasted in URL to the release notes.

Rustic Kitchen 3

Rustic Kitchen 3

This week we did get a roll to the main channel. The only stated change is a tweak to the ‘asset metrics stats’. I think this is for the change to deliver more assets by the Content Delivery Network (CDN). They are collecting information pre-change to CDN. You’ll see the new viewer needed to support this change in the viewer’s list. 

The RC channels get a new package this week. The package is the same on all three RC channels. It adds support for a new option in the estate settings for allowing parcel owners to override the public access settings for all parcels in the estate. This feature is not yet useable as it requires a viewer update to support it. So, while the server side support is in the RC channels, there is no viewer that accesses the new features, but soon.


Main viewer: No update.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This RC updated from version

Second Life Voice Viewer version – No update for a couple of weeks.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Still on hold.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – Also no update for a couple of weeks.

Second Life Project AssetHttp Viewer version – This RC was released this week. It adds fetching of several types of assets to the HTTP delivery protocol. This means that landmarks, wearables, sounds and animations will now be fetched via the same protocol as textures, via a direct query to a CDN server instead of through the SL simulator. This should generally make loading of such content both faster and more reliable.

KokuaOS- – Bug fix release for OpenSim. The last SL release was (Bento) last December.

Black Dragon 2.6.9 – This version has added various controls for playing animations. These features change how you see the animations in your viewer. The animations are not changed, just how your viewer plays them.

Firestorm – We are due for an update. But, I’m not hearing much. I assume they are banging on stability and voice. Firestorm has had 64-bit out for some time, so they are ahead of the Lab in the 64-bit area. Bento came with the last release. So, no big features to catch up on. But, the Firestorm people tend to add new shiny features when they aren’t figuring out how to make Linden features work.

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