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The main channel got a server update today, Tuesday. This is the package that ran on the RC chnnels last week. The changes:

  • Adds Feature: BUG-6377 llGetObjectDetails(id,[OBJECT_ATTACHED_SLOTS_AVAILABLE])
  • Adds Feature: BUG-40871 Add new llGetEnv() constant “region_object_bonus”
  • Internal Changes

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the RC channels will get a new package. It is described as having: Improved internal server logging.

A cold Day at home

A cold Day at home


The main viewer updated to the Project Bento viewer last week, No change from last week.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version is an update from last week’s This probably just catches this version up with the Bento release.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version No change from last week.

Rumor is Firestorm will release TODAY…. 

No Change Window

Expect no further changes to viewers or server packages until after the first of 2017. While there will be work ongoing the Lab will be short staffed as people leave for the holidays.

CDN Problems?

People are complaining about a slowdown in rendering time. There is no definitive understanding of what the problem is. Some suspect the Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the problem. Others think it is the seasonal load shopping places on the network.

Whatever the problem, people are noticing the change. Along with the slowdown several older problems seem to be returning. Some are seeing the triangular mesh error notices and mesh download issues.

See the Sl Forum thread: What is up with the servers? It was posted 12/2.

Some speculate the new prim limits are causing problems. I find that very doubtful. I suspect few have made use of the new limits. I think it is too soon to see any significant impact from the prim limit change.

However, Blueberryxx mentioned how she is hearing from others how furniture sales have gone up…

There are scene updates issues appearing. These problems are caused by packet loss in the UDP protocol. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+U to see the updates flowing into your viewer. These can get lost and never be resent. If the first packet in a series is lost, the viewer can get confused. They can also arrive out of order and confuse the viewer.

Some are again having region crossing issues. Remember. Reduce your script load to improve your regions crossings.

Some are seeing more problems when crossing multiple regions. It seems to be more common to be logged out of SL when crossing multiple regions. May be walk across the region slowly…

Expect no change between now and next year…

Bake Fail

Some are having bake fail, their avatar remains a particle cloud indefinitely. Changing to the Test Female/Male avatar or re-logging usually solves the problem. Changing your active group used to fit the problem but, not so much anymore.

When others are seeing you as a cloud try editing your appearance, swing your camera around your avatar, exit editing and it generally forces others to reload your avatar.

Rider Linden is looking at the problem. His thinking now is that there is some viewer confusion about what is and isn’t in your inventory at start up. If correct, this is another reason to avoid cache clears.

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