Second Life Places: Virtual Decay

I’m not  into being a tour guide. Other blogs do it better. But, I saw Hamlet’s post pointing us to some of Loverdag’s interesting photography on Flickr. Hamlet included this image in his post. I’m impressed enough to also  include the image in mine and went looking for more information.

Virtual Decay

Virtual Decay

I see images on Flickr that are associated with Second Life avatars. But, I can’t always tell if all their images are from SL. Some SL peeps play in other worlds too. This set of images falls into that ‘unsure’ category. But, these are images from a place in Second Life™. 

The image Hamlet and I show is the last of a 7 image series on Flickr. The images were taken in a region named: Virtual Decay (Map URL). Maddison Mokeev is part of a group that has built a ‘Realistic Grunge Vintage Industrial Post-Apocalyptic Urban’ region. There is a shop there selling buildings of Post-Apocalyptic Urban style. Maddison appears to be the creator of a number of or most of the grunge items in the region. Larissa Vacano is the creator of some of the ‘grunged’ heavy equipment. A few vehicles are made by others. All seem well done and very nicely grunged.

These items are high enough quality they had Hamlet equating the region’s appearance with the high visual quality game, Fallout. I assume he was thinking Fallout 4. So, we would be comparing SL to Bethesda’s Creation Engine.

Loverdag’s pictures are well done. I follow Loverdag on Flickr and have used some of her other images in my blog. I like her work. However, it is Maddison’s grunge cars, trucks, heavy equipment, signs, buildings, streets that I find  most impressive. The LoD for some of the items could be better. Those of us that use a default RenderVolumeLODFactor (Debug Settings) will see things popping in and out of the render at fairly close distances.

Virtual Decay has a Flickr group. 129 members and 591 photos. Most are of people… avatars. It is Loverdag that catches the feel of the region. Also, many of the Virtual Decay group images have used Windlight settings other than the region default and that changes the feel of everything.

Wondering around in Virtual Decay you’ll find shops, shooting range, abandoned buildings… it is an RP area. But, I didn’t see the usual welcome messages telling about RP rules. Hamlet’s link landed me near the store.  A cute guy hit on me in my wondering. J Yay, I’ve still got it… or maybe he was desperate… L I didn’t have time to find out… so sad.

I was using Linden RC Viewer 3.8.7 (306758) Oct 27 2015. This viewer did pretty well. But, it does do mini freezes and crashes on exit almost every time. I don’t get a lot of mesh lag in the region. So, it has worked pretty well.

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