Myst-Uru & Money

Eder DUru Guild Hall Replica

Eder D'Uru Guild Hall Replica

Being an international game Myst-Uru has players from the world over. There is a mix of players from different countries with different philosphies about money. With the coming of Myst Online open source (MO:OS – acronym from an inside Uru joke) the fan community is looking at hosing the game in commercial servers and finding ways to pay for the bandwidth needed for game play. Many fans want the game for free or to cost just enough to cover expenses. How that funding saga plays out is likely to be a reflection of real world financial philosophies played out in a virtual world. Whichever philosophy is yours, the choices will likely decide the fate of Myst-Uru. Consider and take your stand.

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New Rand Miller Interview – Myst Creator

The Mac Gamer

The Mac Gamer

Alex McLarty posted his interview with Rand Miller on The Mac Gamer. The article Interview with Rand Miller, co-creator of the Myst series will answer some questions and raise some new questions. It is a great read for Myst Online fans interested in the coming open source release.

Myst Online: Guild of Maintainers has a thread. Check it out and post your thoughts.

The Guilds of Myst-Uru Part III

Seems like there is always someone talking/writing about the guilds controlling the game and fans. Whether or not one believes game fans and Myst Uru fans in particular can be controlled there comes the question of how might they be controlled and who would do the controlling?

Concert Hall in Aegura - Eder Gira Build SL

Concert Hall in Ae'gura - Eder Gira Build SL

The ‘who’ seems pretty simple and obvious to many Myst fans, the guilds. Normally it would be Cyan worlds, Inc. the game owner, but they are giving the game to fans and stepping back. Part I and II of this series list the different groups of guilds. So which one will rule them all? Oh, and who runs the guilds?

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Promoting Myst/Uru MOOS

There are only a small number of Second Life members that know what Myst Online or Uru Live, as some call it, is. Even fewer know what MOOS is (Myst Online: Open Source), the coming open source reincarnation of the game. And even fewer Second Life residents know that parts of Uru (the general name of the game land) are being built in Second Life. That is a problem Myst Online has always had. A big challenge for the community is how to get the word out now that the game is set to make a comeback. So how do we let prior fans know the game is in the hands of the fans?


The Great Zero Machine in Second Life

The Great Zero Machine in Second Life

One step is to put the information every place we can. So, there are posts like this one that give some help. Plus we tell people about the game. In some cases like the builds in Second Life, we show them. Yet, is that enough? Continue reading