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If you don’t already know, Zindra is the adult region of Second Life, the red light district. The Art Maze is a novel idea of displaying art in Second Life. The exhibit ends January 31. So, if you are going to see it, see it soon. Be warned, some of the art is XXX.

How Adult is the Art Maze?

The art pieces are displayed in a maze. Part of the fun is finding your way from exhibit to exhibit. You never know what you will find next. I was surprised there was so little explicit adult art. May be 10% to 15% of the exhibits are hard core XXX. The majority are not sexually oriented or I’m missing something.

Shjak Monde Art

Some of the exhibits are abstract art, others are about mental illness, and some are about alternate life styles. There is no rhyme or reason to the arrangement that I can see. But, I was pretty much lost after I started. I wondered through the place curious to find what was next.


If you are a builder in SL then this is definitely a place to visit. It is a rich source of ideas for things to build and ways to build them.

Getting There

The SLURL is: secondlife://Distrel/196/56/56

One must be Second Life Age Verified to visit any region in Zindra.

Art Maze in Zindra

When you land you get instructions for finding your way through the maze. The simple strategy of all left or right turns is not going to work. Good luck. The maze is easy enough to explore. I’m not sure it is possible to find your way through it. I’ll say I think it is the most complex maze I have ever seen in almost three years in SL. While I would not say it is the best puzzle, it is entertaining and there are some puzzles to solve along the way.

Some doorways to the next exhibit are phantom walls that one walks through. I don’t recall any doors that ‘open’ as a typical door in SL does. Many doorways are hidden by blending into the surroundings. Others are behind you when you enter a room.

Oh you get free T-Shirts at the start. There is also a Photo Hunt to the right when you TP in. It is worth looking at when you enter and when you leave. It will give you an idea how much of the exhibit you have missed.

Getting Around

That is part of the trick and the puzzle. Each exhibit has at least one entrance and one exit. They may have more. In fact I think most of the exhibits have more than 2 entrance/exits. Finding them is not that hard. I do think most will miss some of the exits.

The exhibit spans 4 regions. So, there are some region borders to cross. Region crossing is much nicer than it has ever been since I came to SL.

SLV2 Warning: There is an exhibit that allows one to choose a ‘walk’ animation for a one-way maze. For those using SLV2, you will want some means of stopping the animations. I’ve never found the ‘Stop Animating My Avatar’ command that is in all SLV1’s. If you make it through the exhibit there is a Stop Animation tool at the end. It is an interesting maze. If you make some wrong turns there is no way back. One uses the tp provided and teleports out of the maze.

There are also obvious paths in some mazes. However, walking them drops you through a trap door and you’re suddenly in another maze.


I’ve made a couple of trips to the maze now and enjoyed them both. If you like some lite puzzles and exploring I think you will enjoy the exhibit. There are a couple of puzzles I did not take the time to solve. So, those into more complex puzzles have something to enjoy.

The exhibit is much more about art than sex, so don’t let the Zindra aspect put you off.

One needs at least a couple of hours to see and experience most of the exhibit. Like any art exhibit each trip reveals something new.

Thanks to Daniel Voyager’s coverage for getting me there.

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  1. ‘Stop Animating My Avatar’ is now in the ‘Me’ Menu, under the ‘Movement’ sub-menu. It took me some time to find it, as I’m not used to the ‘Movement’ sub-menu yet.

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